The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 6 Chapter 2 More on Tithing

Tithing is an exchange of energy with God. We share our beliefs about what tithing is and why tithing works.

Tithing addresses your fears about money and tests your trust in God and His providence. It keeps us in the practice of trusting.

It’s harder for us to receive than to give. We talk about our practice in receiving and some of the difficulties that have shown up around receiving. We also talk about how rewarding it is to both give AND receive. Tithing also changes our relationships with others, with God, with ourselves and with money.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Tithing shows we’re not afraid. Wooo. That was a huge statement. Since my church closed there has not been a regular tithing effort on my part. I will send a tithing check out this week for sure. My income is one check a month so I have no reason not to tithe something. I can tithe to an author or you guys or any area where I am spiritually fed. Funny I wrote this just before Lisabeth started talking about not having regular attendance at a church.

    I thought that it won’t be tax deductible because its not a non-profit organization. That should not be a concern. Tithing because it is the right thing to do is not something to be debated. You just do it. This is an affirmative statement directed toward me.

    • Vivian Miller says

      I’ve watched this one twice because I just needed to. Two things I heard for the first time is the joy of tithing. Also, the comment about being so unafraid/or trusting you just go on and tithe and not think about bills or repercussions. perhaps I needed to see the video twice to get that message. No accidents isn the Universe, hey.

      I loved your joy also it seemed you were going to jump up and shout. Woo hoo.

      • Finding trust is one of the biggest reasons I continue to tithe. The more I practice it, the more faith I have in God being my safety net. One of the hardest things for me to do is to have faith or trust in something I cannot wrap one of my senses around. Something I cannot see, hear, feel, taste or smell–physically. Of course I found that I have a truer sense of who/what God is in my life precisely because I have to rely on what I find inside. That has led to a deeper faith, a solid trust and a reliable source for me to lean on. In short, this safety net is stronger than the one I wove on my own.

      • Stephanie Scott says

        Great lesson ! So helpful to remember money is energy and about the flow. Asking myself what is my reluctance to tithe, possible block. Is it possible it may relate to my difficulty receiving? Bottom line fear, if what I put out into the Universe would come back and even multiply? Then I would have to be responsible, what if I fail or self sabatoge? The concept of tithing as a the practice of trust IS wonderful. Even though I may lack confidence, or even have limited experience tithing, the intention itself does not build faith/trust. For the majority of the last 6 years what I have told the Universe is I am afraid. An example, when I developed shingles, did not know what it was and didn’t go to a doctor right away it lasted 4 months. A friend told me Louise Hay would interpret my illness as fear of what is going to happen next. This was exactly my mindset at the time!
        During this time I tithed briefly so wanting to be prosperous. I sometimes put coins in the offering bag or even would put my closed hand into the bag and imagined putting in more money each time. I had not made the connection, yet I did become employed at the time. I was tired of my online job search and attending job fairs and went directly from church to a festival where I knew agencies would be present and found one who had openings. It is so clear now imagining a time when I can tithe is not the same as the act of doing so, I am not in the flow. On a vision board I made during the workshop w Edwene I had trouble putting actual money or numbers on it. Several months later I put a triangle of sorts full of dollar bills which looked like it was flowing. The center of the board was a mandela, a symbol of me. I had difficulty even arranging the picture, aware it could be flowing out or in. I even practiced putting the picture at various angles. Wow I missed the whole point of exchange, giving and receiving and the idea of money as energy.
        The quote by Abraham Hicks helpful in reframing selfish. Heard the word self care in relation to work, yet self honoring even better 🙂

        • Like you, I had to get used to the practice of tithing. I didn’t understand what I was doing when I tried and I didn’t know how to judge when it was working in my life. It took several years of trying out all the angles before I decided that it was truly working wonders in my life. I am scared still but it is fear of NOT tithing. I know that tithing, which is the physical representation of the trust I have in God working in my life, is the most direct way to get in and stay in the flow of energy. As soon as I acknowledge God first, I can then watch Spirit working in the rest of my life. Keep on keeping on. It is a practice not a single victory.

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