The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 5 Lesson 2 Lizabeth’s Tithing Experience

Lizabeth shares how she ‘jumped’ into tithing and the success she’s had with it. She tells us her most memorable experience with trusting God with her finances.

We are firm believers in tithing to the person, place or institution where you receive spiritual food. It has truly changed our lives. So, much so that we decided to become prosperity teachers. We are both Master Prosperity Teachers trained by Edwene Gaines. The main thing we’ve learned through the process is the real importance to teaching the concept of tithing. Not, because we want people to tithe to us, but because we want people to tithe. Not because it helps God or helps the person, place or institution where the tithe is received, but because it helps you, the tither.

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  1. Glad this one spoke to you. It is my greatest example, to date, of the miracle-working power that tithing has to move mountains in my life. Trust is the key to tithing. It’s all about the miracle of trust. I agree with you. I am proud to still be a student.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    Sitting here in the library and wanted to watch video first as a kind of blessing before I studied. This video was great and spoke to my fear sometimes that there won’t be enough. I really wrestled with tithing for a long time until one year I gave significantly more money than I ever had to church and it didn’t hurt one bit.

    Here again, we have to trust that the process works. Why would it work for others and not work for you? My Course in Miracles reading today was “I am entitled to miracles.” It doesn’t have to look a certain way, but the fact that I am in the library “quiet room” and no one else has appeared with floor to ceiling windows across from the racetrack is kind of cool. Nice furniture, relaxed. I feel miracles happening all around me today. Yes tithing must be a priority.

    I am proud to say I am a student of spiritual law and will continue to seek spiritual food.

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