The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 43 Chapter 9 Vision Statements

Have you written a vision statement for your life? A vision statement is what you dream or envision your life and your work to be. We all need a “life map” to follow if we want to do more than just get by or drift through this lifetime. A vision statement can help us “map out” where we are going and it can be a good way to objectively judge our progress.

It can be daunting to write because we may not have a clear picture of what we want to accomplish, but if we make it too general, it may not keep us focused. Once we have our vision statement it is important to remember that this is a tool and not a rigid way of being. We need to remain open to the new opportunities that come our way and not be afraid of trying something new and amending our vision statement.

Once we have a vision for our life, we then pick something that sounds good and try it out! You can’t decide what you might like by having someone else tell you what you should do. We find our Divine Purpose by following the desires we have, which then lead to our passions, and then turns into a purpose.

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