The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 42 Chapter 9 Integrity Continued

So how do we go about changing what we believe and continue to live in integrity? We need to live what we believe today, be open to change that comes and always looking for ways to grow. Change is an on-going process and life is a process of change.

We can get stuck looking to someone else to tell us how to live our lives. No two paths are alike, so we cannot rely on someone else to show us the way. We are the expert on OUR own experience. We secretly wish, in private, of another way and then play our part in public until we get uncomfortable enough to change.

The fastest way to get into, and remain in, integrity is to tell the truth and tell it quickly. There are times, however, when we need to take some time to decide what our Truth is. Once we make a decision then we need to tell the truth quickly.

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  1. Vivivan miller says

    Last night I went to see Godzilla just to get a departure from the books. It was a wonderful present to myself. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and would see it again. Judging from the huge audience’s applause, they enjoyed it too.

    I’m at library after study group this morning on the spiritual principle of love. It was good discussion and I hope inspired the group to think before they are unkind or retaliatory.

    Tell the truth and tell it quickly. That is not what I always did, however, now I do. it is so much easier. Guilt does not knock on my door. I just don’t have guilt about stuff any more. That is a wonderful thing. Sometimes I am concerned about what the other person will think or how they will respond and that determine my choice of words, but I don’t grovel or get co-dependent.

    Gotta study guys. Thought your video would be a blessing before I start to study. Have to read eight chapters on business intelligence. This is my 9th day of happiness.

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