The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 41 Chapter 9 Integrity

What does it mean to live in integrity? Integrity means to live in your Truth. It means to live what you say you believe, to do otherwise is not living in integrity. We spend years forming and wearing masks and it will take time to discard them. Living in integrity is a practice.

How do you walk through your life? Tolly Burken, founder of firewalking in North America says, “…that we walk on fire the same way we walk through life.” This statement can be applied to all the trauma or “fire” we have in our lifetime. In essence, how you handle the trying times in your life is indicative of the way you handle your whole life. Do you accept help or do you just plow on through? Do you think about it or just act?

Can you consider yourself living in integrity if you are only in certain parts of your life? It is easier to live in complete integrity, so why do we find it hard to do sometimes? We don’t want people to like us and that sets up the mask making that keep us out of integrity in our life.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Getting ready to leave for prosperity breakfast this morning with the Unity girls and there was a garter snake laying by my car. Living in integrity was not killing it, but I swept it over in my neighbor’s yard which had no fence to create a barrier. I felt like I was wearing the big girl panties that I handled the situation without screaming. I also thought of the mess the snake would make if I ran over it.

    Also, my dog killed a squirrel this week that had to be disposed of. I tried to save the squirrel, but Ginger-girl was not willing to release her grip. Me and mom scooped it up and put it out with the garbage. That was another big girl thing. This has an element of silliness to it.

    Now about integrity, I had to do this long Harvard University career choice program for my Information Management class on line and the one characteristic I discovered that I required from an employer was integrity. I never knew that was so important to me. It means do what you say and have some honesty about you. Be cognizant of how it hurts the planet or people. I was quite surprised because I never cared back in the old days. I worked for a judge and attorneys so my life was about cover up and lies and punishment. Not a good feeling. I don’t want to work in that environment again or at least that uses those tactics to control people and clients. Yes what they did was to protect themselves. It feels yucky and I thought that was acceptable to do to survive.

    I am not the person I was then. I want to live from my beliefs today and allow people to be where they are until they are inspired to do better.

    • Once again, you prove to be a better woman than me! 🙂 I wouldn’t have held it together as well, based on past experience, and I say “Bravo!” to you for the tenacity to do it!

      Integrity was never something that I cared about until someone questioned mine a long time ago. Since then it has become a treasure that I keep polished and well guarded.

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