The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 37 Chapter 8 Do Something New

We feel like we are pretty good at learning new things on a regular business. In our line of business of web technology, we must learn new stuff all the time.

We love to learn and are constantly on the lookout for new things to learn. How about you? Do you love to learn? Stepping out of our comfort zone allows us to learn new things.

The more we learn the more we realize we need to learn. We have the possibility to do, be or have ANYTHING. To do that we have to learn new things. When our children see us learning and achieving our possibilities then they will do the same. They will also do the same if we live under limitations. What are we teaching our kids?

We discuss what we plan to learn. We would love for you to share what you are learning with us!

Please add your comments below so that we are fed by you. Also, invite your friends to join in the discussion so that we can be fed by them too!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    So appreciative of the Edwene video you posted, Lisabeth. I saved it on my timeline so I can review as often as possible. I love learning new stuff obviously to be in school at this point in my life when people are retiring and looking forward to sitting and watching tv.

    Does I ever have doubts? Of course, for a moment and then the shift in attitude occurs. What will I learn new today? I am studying database mining and that is all new.

    Bought a new phone and will activate it myself. That should be interesting.

    • You are welcome Vivian! I am also thinking about returning to college to finish my degree. You are an on-going inspiration to me. I have found my love for learning the last couple of years and I feel like a damp sponge; always a little wet but never full to capacity! I yearn for more…

      See with me that the way is made for me to return soon.

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