The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 36 Chapter 8 Letting Go

It’s sometimes hard to let go, but many times it’s harder to realize that it’s TIME to let go.

Two questions that may help are: “What am I losing by letting this go?” and “What am I gaining by letting this go?”

Letting go may take baby steps first. We may have to let go in increments.

Lizabeth shares how she let go of her steady paycheck and how she let go a bit at a time.

We ask the question, how hard is it when others let us go? It can be a hard thing regardless of which end of the stick we are on.

We find it hard to let go of worry and fear and other bad habits, but we are finding that easier and easier since we’ve been making it a habit to do these studies.

We all have worries about money, our kids, our jobs, etc. But, when we truly trust God, we can let go of the worries. What do you do to get let go of the worries?

The best thing we’ve found is to remind ourselves who we truly are! We ARE women of power and the living God lives inside of us. We have inside of us EVERYTHING we need.

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  1. Vivivan miller says

    This was a particularly good video. I liked the different aspects of letting go of people, places and things. Discussion about others who let us go was helpful also. I used to hold on to people for dear life thinking that without them I was nobody, nothing. That was during my youthful emptiness. When I was in an relationship with someone, I let my friends go. When the relationship was over, I wanted to reintroduce myself to the friendship and often wondered where the person went or why were they so cool and indifferent to me. Some would sit around and wait for me to come back, some would move on. Sounds like some amends making needed. When I moved back home with my mom, I tried to reconnect with those friends I had left behind and they were very aloof. I just didn’t get it. Who did I think I was. When I got laid off, me and my co-workers vowed we would stay in tough. We did for a few months and when I returned to school, those relationships disappeared. There has been a good bit of coming and going. Where am I today? I understand better and don’t hold the expectations I use to or feel the need to “fill myself up” with people. It’s been a long well-learned lesson. Thank you for reminding me of the necessity to let go at times, but to do it without guilt and appropriately.

    • I am so glad to have finally grasped the concept of change in my life and in my relationships. It helps me so much with the art of letting go. I am finally getting to the point where I can work through the release much quicker because I can move through the judgement of my role in it. I no longer have to spend useless hours, weeks, months or years examining the “whys and wherefores” of it. I can simply look at them and say, “we are no longer in the same place.” Usually that statement helps the healing begin. Guilt can then take a backseat and I can look forward to what or who is coming next!

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