The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 35 Chapter 8 Welcome Change

Change can be hard for most of us. We like our comfort zones and we don’t want to have to fix it if it ain’t broken. How well do you adapt to change?

We talk about generational change as well as personal changes. The times are a changin’! But so are we. We are constantly growing and that requires change.

It’s sometimes hard to see that change is good, but when we look at it from God’s perspective and we call it good, it has to be good.

Lizabeth brings up the fact that I haven’t landed several jobs that I’ve interviewed for lately and makes me talk about how that hits my ego and how I’ve dealt with those changes. Trusting our Guidance can be hard.

Changes are harder when our ego is wrapped up in the situation. When we take things personally, it sends us down an icky spiral. If we can look at things more objectively, it tends to make the change easier. Nine times out of ten, it just ain’t about us. People don’t think about us nearly as much as we think they do.

It all boils down to trusting God.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Going to NYC threw my routine off although I did watch the videos everyday and I had homework for the ending class and the next class which was this past Thursday night. I think Wednesday I kept getting error messages on the video. Anyway, I’m back.

    Last night you were talking about people who hurt us and how we interact with them post-hurt. I have not had someone genuinely hurt me in a while so I don’t know how I would handle it. I think I tend to sever ties with people (male relationships) that hurt. I don’t want to be in a relationship and have to keep a supply of band aids handy to fix the bleeding.

    Now about change….I think change is bristling, but necessary. Change is good. I know there is something better coming along or the change took something away that wasn’t for me. Sometime I am so attached to the whatever and losing it is painful. Other times I can just say, Oh Well.

    I think Cindy’s attitude about the workshop is great. Everyone is not engaged with us and that’s o.k. I think one of the most crushing things was getting laid off. BUT, I doubt if I would have been focused on school or done as well as I have. I am so grateful for the lay off now. I thought I was a part of the firm family forever, but that wasn’t a realistic connection. Change can be difficult, but only because we are so attached. I would love to wear gloves that slide off so that when change occurs it can slip through our fingers.

    Lisabeth, You are a champion of change. Oh the places you will go when you accept the situation with your son with no reservation and joy. Perhaps you’re there now. I pray for you and Cindy and hope that you continue blessing us with videos on whatever topics Spirit inspires you to teach. I was wondering what’s next? I am open and willing.

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