The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 32 Chapter 8 Acknowledging Others

Today we are talking about how we can serve others and make them feel acknowledged.

We also talk about serving for the joy of serving. We need to give others good feedback.

If we aren’t getting the feedback we need, then maybe we aren’t giving enough feedback. Who inspires you? Do you let them know? Do you thank the people who don’t often get noticed?

Please add your comments below so that we are fed by you. Also, invite your friends to join in the discussion so that we can be fed by them too!

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  1. Stephanie Scott says

    Watching frenzies consecutively, attempting to catch up is less effective, yet I am internalizing the principles. Have listened to a few recordings/interviews of the Hay House Summit. Not near as many as planned when I registered. Am considering those I did hear as most fitting for me currently or the purpose will unfold over time. Plenty of hours in the day right?
    Do want to share, the STRONG desire/goal/mission mission to relocate ( Linda and I have had for 4 years) is being manifested NOW! ! After several years of obstacles, “the dance,” a new home is within reach. YEAH Definitely realize setting intention, being grateful for current home, and handing the desire over to the Universe have all played a role in making this dream a reality. As Linda said, while preparing finances and signing contracts- “If this isn’t Commitment I don’t know what is!” It has been helpful to view doubts, fears or actual stumbling blocks as Second Force. When I first heard the term it seemed so powerful (Star Wars), which it can indeed feel like ! Linda has been fearful of signing such important documents during mercury retrograde- a term described in astrology which describes communication problems, conflict, technological mishaps etc. The actual cause I wont try to describe. My response has been to focus on how mercury retrograde can serve us and how God has US. A phrase I first heard by a co-worker, “No Worries” has become part of vocabulary. Even if I am experience tough emotions or have fear it makes me feel better to state it.

    Gratitude is a practice I enjoy and is becoming natural. As a child/teen I wondered what event, life experience would lead to a person’s rage, greed, or whatever. Valuing others who have opposing views of mine is getting easier, knowing We ARE One helps. Now, if I start a rant “those republicans…” I stop myself. Of course when an election year nears I will be tested. You compliment one another so well leading the class. THANKX !

    • I have experienced that I choose what my experience is, no matter what may be going on in my surroundings. Just because a lot of people are experiencing a recession doesn’t mean I have to participate as well. I think the same thing about the ‘Mercury Retrograde’. It may be occurring but I choose how it affects me. God is my Source and I choose to keep my focus on the One, rather than an aspect of the One.

      Thanks Stephanie!

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