The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 29 Chapter 8 Tell the Truth

We are telling the truth today. We are having a little trouble with finding someone that we need to go back and talk to or apologize to again. We tend to live from this truth since we have been through the book and the process with Edwene so many times.

We discuss our ‘scale’ which helps us discuss our true feelings with each other and with our family. This scale from 1 to 10 helps us communicate our true feelings and feel heard. It’s also helped our kids to feel heard and their opinions appreciated.

It’s helps us to see where the kids are so that they don’t have to misbehave to show us that they don’t want to be there or don’t want to do this. The scale helps us remain in integrity. It helps us make good decisions based on everyone’s true feelings.

It gives us a way to state our opinion without hurting anyone else’s feelings. We don’t want to raise a bunch of people pleasers. We want them to know that their opinions matter.

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