The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 28 Chapter 8 Give Yourself a Treat

We have given ourselves a good treat today. We splurged on cupcakes from Gigi’s in Nashville, TN after a business meeting. We deserved the treats.

We made time to go out of town for lunch. It made us feel good and we didn’t feel guilty.

We give a short update to the other tasks we’ve been assigned in this book. We are doing really good! How are you doing? What’s been your hardest task so far?

Done is better than perfect. We discuss getting over being imperfectionism – we are always looking for places where it’s not yet perfect and spend more time tweaking than finishing.

All of these things takes practice. It’s a dance – Two steps forward and one step back. There is really joy in the journey. It’s not the destination for the life in between.

Please add your comments below so that we are fed by you. Also, invite your friends to join in the discussion so that we can be fed by them too!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I guess I could say I made time to go to New York this weekend despite still having an assignment for my current class which is due Monday and having to read six chapters for the next walk on the database wild side. I did clean my room today for the lady who is staying with my mom. I cooked enough food for the weekend while I’m gone. I did make time for something. However, I have not been to a movie for two months or so. That is on my list to do. Maybe for Mother’s Day I will take myself to a movie. This is so good.

    • I am glad you made the time to get away! We all need to carve out time for enjoyment.

      • Stephanie Scott says

        Thanks for the tip on the mini cupcakes at GiGi’s! Linda’s sister brings them to us which is SWEET and we split them. While I already admire and give thanks for the beauty around me, I am making the conscience effort to be present with the bird in flight, the wildflower, the squirrel, etc. I love seeing Queen Ann’s lace everywhere, and will bring some into the house as a boguet. This morning I am taking my time, sitting in the spare room with a candle enjoying the solitude. My/Our feathered child is not up yet, 21 year old parrot still covered in cage, and dogs napping. I have sent a email I took time to carefully write and most importantly, repeated our affirmations and reflected on my goals. The analogy of the dance wonderful. Will internalize the Done is better than perfect!

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