The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 23 Chapter 8 ‘No’ Signals

Today we discuss how we know when we get a “No” signal after a commitment. Do you hear the “No’s” as clearly as the “Yes’s”?

For us, it’s a feeling. There is a lack of energy, excitement and joy when we get a ‘No.’

Fear is not an indicator for us – that often means that we are on the right track, not the wrong. Again we end up talking about our firewalk experiences. It really helped us to learn how to follow, and recognize, our guidance.

Lizabeth talks about finding a burst of energy with a ‘Yes’ signal. If it’s a ‘No’, she gets a lot of resistance. We talk a little about second force, but will talk more about that tomorrow.

How do you find your guidance? How do you discern between ‘Go’, ‘Stop’, and second force?

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I got sidetracked yesterday. Book club first and then working on two messages for study group this Sunday and next Sunday since I won’t be there,…then studying all day. I got home from the library and went to bed. Today I studied all day after study group and now up in my bedroom sanctuary. I felt a void for not commenting on the video.

    When something isn’t right I sometimes know right away and other times it takes me a moment. Sometimes the impediments are glaring and I proceed and then my hand hits my forehead and I know this is not for me. I have forced relationships and then figured it out.

    The firewalk was scarey shit. It took me a few passes and I was near the end of the line and I just said now or when and did it. I know Edwene told us not to look at our feet, but I took a little peep and had a small blister and I focused on something else. I sometimes don’t always recognize a “no” move on to something else. I haven’t had that happen for a while.

    • It took me a while to understand the deeper meaning behind the request that Edwene made for us not to look at our feet. The first couple of times I understood it to mean a “mind over matter” request, just as she suggests that it is. I found this to be true. I have found a deeper meaning in it now. For me, it means to trust God and the guidance I receive. Before I walked across the coals, I asked for guidance from God and listened for the answer. Not looking at the bottom of my feet afterwards became a show of trust that I believe in the guidance I receive and don’t have to look for myself to see if it truly works.

      I am not saying that your peeking at the bottom of your feet is a sign of distrust. Please don’t take it that way. I too, have looked. I was just reminded of the lesson when I read your post and thought I would share it. I still find myself second guessing the decisions I make and the signals I receive but I am learning to trust more when I remind myself not to look at the bottoms of my feet, so to speak.

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