The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 22 Chapter 8

We start today recapping our commitments from the last video. God is our Source. Our fears have no basis in Reality.

We talk about the signals that we get once we’ve made a commitment. Commitment takes faith and trust. Then we must listen for the signals that we are on the right track.

Faith is a practice. Trust is a practice. We have to constantly remind ourselves that God is our Source.

We must get rid of our plan B’s and safety nets and fully trust God. We wouldn’t have a plan B if we didn’t expect God to let us down.

We must do everything within our power to meet our goals. We can’t sit back and expect God to do all the work.

Our Guidance may come in different forms. For me, it’s just a knowing that it’s mine to do – or that I should move forward. We share some stories of the ‘Go’ signals we’ve received throughout the years. Sometimes these signals come as pushes, sometimes they are more subtle, but each time, we’ve KNOWN that we were supposed to move forward.

Share your ‘Go’ signal stories with us in the comments below and invite your friends to join us too!

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  1. Stephanie Scott says

    Love this, Lizabeth appeared so ready to act on her goals, commitments, putting out energy to the Universe to “GO” she skipped the closing:) A Live demonstration !
    Hmmmm Faith as a practice. Any thought I have had of “if I only had more faith”, wish I could talk to God the way Ewene and Marianne Williamson do, etc is fear talking again. When I think of it, many times the GO (nudge, push, sign) has come after a direct question to God. Example, driving around Mount Eagle Mtn delivering newspapers in the middle of the night- when I wanted to be home with my Partner’s son- in very dense fog and extreme cold being miserable in my relationship I asked surely this is not the meaning of my life? The knowing I experienced. Leave, there is no perfect time, you have done what you can here, lessons learned, Now GO.
    A few years later my question to God – I know my purpose is to serve, just tell where, to whom ? Wanted this info for my objective, job search etc. This one seemed to go unanswered for quite some time. I looked for signs, emotions, etc. Then it was like a hit on the head, Silly Stephanie- Take Care of Yourself it is time! What sounds so cliché, take care of yourself in order to care for others. Now the Universe is likely telling me the intent is great, yet where is the action. Waiting for direction is pretty passive! Devise Plan A 🙂

  2. Vivian Miller says

    were back to trust. Glad I never left.

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