The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 21 Chapter 8 – Commitment

Today we are talking about commitments. What are you committed to? We discuss our commitments. Lizabeth’s committed to showing people how to get unstuck.

I got rather emotional as I made my commitment on camera to not go get a job I don’t want when I panic about money. I’m getting rid of my safety net. Not my prettiest moment, but one of my most vulnerable.

Commitment can be scary. Do we face our fears or act from it? Commitment means hitting it head-on. Each time it gets easier. It may always be scary, but it will get easier. We must step out of our comfort zone to get to some of the things we want.

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  1. Stephanie Scott says

    Have been playing catch up with the lessons. A frenzy marathon of sorts:) This class on commitment was powerful. Cindy, your willingness to share your insight and what you plan to differently is inspirational. I wanted to applaud and give you both hugs ! My feelings watching the video were Cindy was being to hard on herself. Also, I heard (realizing this may be about me more than what Cindy expressed) is I am alone in this commitment. What I need to remember is if I access or am open to it, I do have what Edwene described as spirit guides, angels, grandmothers, totem animals, etc. support me. Question when you were passionate and driven in finding a way to stay home with your son didn’t this goal including working 2 jobs or more hours to make it financially possible? If you pursued some type of temporary work where you practiced needed skills of networking or sales still be evidence of your commitment or steps toward your goals? I am asking because it may be me rationalizing, yet it seems this wouldn’t be a plan B or a way out.
    In asking what do I have to change about myself to manifest my goals, my answers have been abstract rather than concrete, actual measurable steps. Thinking of it as giving up the plan “B”s was helpful. At first I thought I do not have any plan B’s. Then after some reflection I realized one of mine is dependency, which I Do Not like to admit. I do want others to help or do for me, rather than owning a goal, decision and moving forward. My frequent statement of “I can’t do numbers” is very ingrained. And although I do have some learning disability with computation, it is an excuse in many instances. For example, not pursuing a particular job which includes budgeting or even excel. Or as you said if there is a way out it isn’t a Commitment. Removing or even minimizing the word’s “I can’t” would be huge.

    I too am getting an increased awareness of how much I do complain or criticize. And am trying to catch or reframe these responses (reactions) before they are out of my mouth. Thanks both of you for being genuine!

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