The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 2 Chapter 1 Mastering Money

Today we discuss our history with money management. We had different experiences as children in our homes. Lizabeth rarely heard about money as a child. I heard about it in a negative way most of my childhood. We never had enough, money didn’t grow on trees, we couldn’t buy what we wanted, etc.

We also discuss whether it’s wrong to have a lot of money. What were you taught about money as a kid? Was it wrong to have money? Is having a lot of money a bad thing or a sin.

As a business owner, this has been a block that I’ve struggle with a lot. I felt as if making more money meant taking from someone else. What we are taught as children sticks with us and becomes patterns that we repeat. We have to get rid of those blocks to become more prosperous.

We take stock of where we are with money today as we begin this study. To measure our success, we need to know where we are today.

We aren’t looking for the money or the things money can buy, but instead, we are looking for the feelings those things bring.

Lizabeth has trouble asking for things because she was taught not to do that. We both struggle with feelings of unworthiness or feelings of not deserving the things we want.

Where are you with money? What blocks might you have? What were you taught about money as a child?

We deserve to have money. We deserve to have our desires fulfilled. We are worthy. You are too. We believe that God wants us all to be rich and to live an abundant life! We glorify Him when we do. We can’t wait to share with you in this study!

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  1. I also had a lot of my past messages come up when looking at this. I don’t know about you but I am ready to embrace the prosperity that has been promised. I am ready to get out of my “granny panties” and step into a pair that fits me. I am powerful and creative. I am not just living to dream, I am dreaming to live!

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I was thinking of myu grandmother this mornin because I knew whatr we were discussing in the upcoming lesson. I remembered all the negative messages about money and that there wasnt enough. The messages about money were negative too. Do you think money grows on trees. Or references that money is burning a hole in your pocket. They used the expression, “You have to get out there and hussle.” I think when you have money you can still worry about not having it one day. A lot of work needs to be done around this issue. Also the deservability piece needs healing. Our decisions are based on our deserve quotient. I am better than I was, but have room to grow in this regard. We all are children of a wealthy father. We deserve it all. Having more doesn’t mean someone else has less. There is enough to go around. Some deep work needs to be applied to these messages in our heads.

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