The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 18 Chapter 5 Challenge and Goals Update

We’ve both been a little under the weather the last couple of days so today we give an update about what it’s like to try and follow these challenges and disciplines when the body doesn’t want to cooperate.

Should you try and continue the goals and affirmations when you aren’t feeling well or you are in a bad mood? Or does this put the wrong kind of energy into the process. We have not been in the mood to do either the last day or so and we discuss how trying to stick with it seemed to make it worse instead of better.

We feel it’s important to listen to your body and honor what you feel, no matter what that might be. Sometimes the affirmations and goals bring things up that need to be worked through and dealt with and we should honor that process.

We also talk about a small success that we had with one of the goals even though we weren’t feeling well. It’s works sometimes even when we don’t!

We aren’t defeated! We will pick up where we left off and stick with it. This is practice. This is a life style change that will take some work to make it a habit.

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  1. Stephanie Scott says

    “WOW ! How timely was this frenzy was! I’ve been feeling like I was slacking. Still finding putting dates on my goals challenging. Likely overanalyzing, as I frequently do. (Oops self criticism!) So happy our teachers are Human, the lessons you shared so important. Perhaps at times our inner guidance is directing us as Vivian says to be in the moment and do what feels like self honoring. I feel a great difference when I say the affirmations with positive energy, emphasis on certain words, the inflection in my voice, even humor at times. I want this experience to feel right, even giving myself to repeat the class again. This computer novice just saved some of the classes in a personal folder named “Spiritual. This act itself HUGE as used to think of the computer as an enemy- SOOO far out of my comfort zone.

    This also brings up a question. Lizabeth and Cindy when you refer to making your goals it sounds like you have done them together as a couple, are some of your goals individual ones? To date my goal lists have been for myself (although as a couple definitely appeals to me !) This goes for my vision board too. At times I have put images on about my relationships, for example a cat representing me taking time to play with the cats, or a family of elephants as a display of wanting a greater connection with my parents, sisters despite distance. I realize there is no right or wrong answer, yet would value your opinions. Congrats on your massaging goal being manifested !

  2. I seem to be in the same place you are today. I do not feel like doing most of what I do in a day, including affirmations, the gym, computer work, etc. I am pushing through knowing that these are temporary conditions. It is all God and I am glad.

    As Dory the fish says, “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.” Maybe I’ll do the backstroke for a while. 🙂

  3. Vivian Miller says

    I think your comment about frustration is valid, but sometimes bodies need a break and they force you to take a break.

    Today is day one again for not complaining. I realize my ego is jumping for joy when we have impediments and serve ego instead of spirit. Feeling bad is feeling bad and a time to focus on yourself. Nothing brings you into the moment more than not feeling bad. Be here now. Thank your bodies for taking a little break. Your recovery from negatives is exciting. I think hauling around feelings is like hauling some weights. You need a break.

    The divine in me salutes the divine presence in you. I think alignment is something that can set a trap for guilt sort of. Just letting it be what it is and moving through it is key. I am reminded how much God loves me and wants me to love myself. I will not imprison myself with upside down thinking.

    I am still doing affirmations. I didn’t wake up perky this morning, but I kept moving through it and let my little kids hug me at school. I agreed to bring them in donuts this week so you see moving through it can change the feelings. Self-acceptance is number one. Thank you God for all that you are able to do, you and Cindy. it’s all good because it’s all God.

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