The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 17 Chapter 5 Moving Outside Your Comfort Zones

Today we talk about moving out of our comfort zones to change anything in my life. Getting out of our comfort zones puts us face to face with our fears.

We talk about our firewalking experiences at the Edwene Gaine’s Prosperity workshops. You can sign up for one of her retreats here.

The firewalks have taught us some valuable lessons about ourselves, our Guidance, our fears, and in all of life. Walking on fire is an invaluable tool which has helped us face some of our fears.

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  1. Stephanie Scott says

    Ugh, I have gotten “behind”, realizing how I miss the class and how challenging it is for me to make the 3 affirmations a day happen. I do not have a smart phone-YET so I want to write the affirmations down to have in my purse, car etc. Also I want to modify the affirmations somewhat, for example I have difficulty saying father (which is likely significant 🙂 Replacing it with God, Spirit, Universe feels better.

    Fire-Walking I SO WANT TO DO THIS ! Years ago when I heard of Edwene the seminar which most appealed to me was Dancing With Your Dark Side. It sounded Scary, yet what I knew was what I needed to work on most. The seminar I registered for included the fire-walk so I was excited, then Nervous as the time grew closer. At that seminar the walk was cancelled due to severe drought. I was both disappointed and Relieved.

    In the past I have referred to my inner guidance as my intuition or gut. Personally, I know there are times I listened and was blessed and others where I didn’t listen and regretted it. Cindy what you shared about the voice sounding like me was terrific. Sometimes I looked for “a sign” when I just needed to listen to what I dismissed as my fear, ego, etc I tended to dismiss what I thought was coming from me! Learning about the Christ within was so wonderful as I did grow up thinking of God as outside, in the Heavens. Great Stuff Indeed !

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I thought I commented on this posting. Comfort zones. I have a few. When it comes to men, there is a comfort zone. When it comes to money, there is another. Weight issues, another one, dang it. A comfort zone could be a rut (a casket with no handles). I have a comfort zone about my computer skills. Looks like I’ve got some work to do.

    I so appreciate your humanness and honesty about this stuff that can be difficult to conquer. For me, I just want to be better. I know I will always have something to work on, but I would like to get past the things I have mentioned. I like the idea of taking the first step without stopping. The mastery of fear is what is the ideal. I will keep on the path and I think that is stepping outside the zone.

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