The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 15 Chapter 4 More on Goals

We are talking about goals again today. Chapter four has been a really long chapter, but one filled with good stuff! It’s been an exciting chapter and one that we’ve spent a lot of time making sure we are really getting all the lessons from it before we move on.

Ask and it will be given. We must ask for what we want. We have a buffet set before us and we get to choose what we take from this buffet. We don’t have to take it all, only what we want. But, we do have to do our part and put our energy into it. We have to decide what we want and ask for it.

Everything we want and need is right here already, we just have to claim it and receive it. We talk about some of the stories and examples in the book that spoke to us and then Lizabeth shares one of her own stories.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I love the stories and your energy together. I feel like I have been spoken to by someone holy through you. My affirmation today from Deepok was “My wisdom is within.” I believe the answers are rooted in the questions and that stillness is an essential posture to be able to access that guided direction.

    I feel connected today and know that the Universe conspires for my good. I am now working on the notes for study group tomorrow and know I will be inspired to say what I need to say.

    Happy Saturday!

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