The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 14 Chapter 4 Our Goal Setting Experience continued

Today we continue our discussion about our goal-setting experience with the 10 steps from Edwene’s book. We describe how it made us feel to set these goals, have concrete plans and dates penciled in for each goal. We really began to feel as if they had already happened.

This goal setting session seemed to empower us and remind us who we really are. We had a lot of fun with this and it gave us a new fire and passion.

We encourage you to go through the 10 steps of this process and share your experience with us. We’d love to hear how much fun you had with this too!

Please add your comments below so that we are fed by you. Also, invite your friends to join in the discussion so that we can be fed by them too!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I did get my goal list started. I wanted to make the effort and have something to begin visioning. I will go back and re-watch the videos from Chapter 4 to adopt some of suggestions. It feels good to have a direction. The thing is to not judge the list or assess your deservability or the likelihood of it manifesting. Trust that the process works. Still the ego voice with my I AM statements. I am still reading my affirmations and I believe them.

    Just left a prosperity breakfast with Unity folks. It is good to talk about manifestation and the unlimited possibilities. I am sure God has things for me that I had never dreamed of. That is an exciting prospect.

    Back on first day of no complaints. It sure makes you more aware of your conversation when you misspeak.

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