The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 13 Chapter 4 Our Goal Setting Experience

We start today’s video with an update on the 21 Day Affirmation Challenge. We are both doing really well and having a lot of fun with the affirmations. Then we talk about the 21 Day complaint, criticism and gossiping challenge. We aren’t doing so well with that one. We haven’t had a successful no-complaint day as of yet.

We talk about the experience we had dreaming and setting goals. It was really a lot of fun! When we got through we had a really long list of dreams. We narrowed it down to 12 and followed each of the steps in the list. It was a really good day. Since this video was so long, we’ve decided to split it in two and show the rest of the video tomorrow.

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  1. Stephanie Scott says

    The no criticizing, complaining, gossiping challenge is just that. I am realizing how defensive I am, wanting to describe my words or reactions as venting or observing. Communicating with my sisters about our aging parents health decline feels like gossiping as we share info in their absence. Also, I am becoming so much more of the frequency I criticize or complain about myself. The humor in Eat, Pray and Love was described as self degrading humor. (Many comedienes use this as well, Ray Romano) I SO identified with the author, and recall thinking my mind works in the same way! Although funny, I believe I use this to the excess and it too may be habit.

    I signed up for the affirmation frenzy, YEAH. I made a long list of goals/dreams/desires. Now I need to narrow down 12 and add my dates.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    21 day affirmations going really well. I printed them off and carry with me so I don’t forget. Grant you, I am not with other people this week because Cleveland schools are closed. When I return to the company of the Hall of Fame of complaining, it will possibly take more diligence on my part to be aware or not chime in when others are complaining. I think when I do complain it is to start conversation that I really don’t need.

    About the goals. I still have not taken a dive into that pool, but I will before the day is over. I will at least make a start.

    I woke up this morning with thoughts running through my head about money fears. Perhaps I need to start reading the Abundance Book every day even if I don’t look at the video. I hope this isn’t considered complaining. I think this is telling you where I am not with a woe is me attitude.

    • I love it! A “woe in me attitude.” I’m going to have to steal that one. Cindy and I have resorted to, “I’m not complaining, I’m stating fact.” Pitiful I know but it is a start!

      Just write down one goal today. It doesn’t have to be 12. Just one and get ‘er done!

      • Vivian Miller says

        I am up to 13 and one of my goals is to have the willingness to do it, to request clarity, be specific and get it done. I am keeping the goal list handy so when I think of additions, I can add them to the list.

        Everyday I pray for clarity in my thinking. That helps a great deal. Whether I had it might involve judging it so I assume I did and thank the Universe at the end of the day for what looked like clarity. If I express gratitude for what “I think” I have or had, it removes the need for judging whether I deserved it or was good enough that particular day. The only impediment in our thinking is our thinking.

        • For some reason I am avoiding the reorganization of my goals. I guess it has to do with not wanting to let God take control of the “how”. Wow. Big one for me. I wrote the goals down, spoke them 2x a day for about a week and the first one I went out and got, I regretted. That is the key though I think. I went out and got it. Perhaps this is a lesson in patience for me? Dang.

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