The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity, Day 12 Chapter 4 10 Steps to Goal Setting continued

We continue our discussion today with the sixth step from Edwene’s book on goal setting. We discuss the rest of the steps and then commit to following the 10 steps that Edwene recommends.

We added our own 11th step of determining the next right step before we leave our goal-setting session. We also decided to take some time tomorrow to go through the steps and then report back to you.

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  1. Stephanie Scott says

    TERRIFIC to watch 2 videos today ! Cindy the manner you described of doing the ABCD list will be helpful. Previously, identifying 12 goals including a date was a challenge. I believe I tried to list only things I desired in the next year. This time I will breakdown some of the BIG goals like Financial Freedom into my goal list. The 11th step, great idea ! Lizabeth, sometime I would like to hear more about you manifesting the goal of your car. When you verbalized to your kids, “put order in and am waiting for it”, You were referring to God, the Universe?

    I have a friend who really wanted to get a degree from the seminary at Vanderbilt. For many months he walked around the campus. He had NO idea where money would come from for him to pursue this goal, yet he held onto the belief he could without knowing “how”. Within a year he was accepted and graduated last year. I also recall what Edwene said about purchasing an item at the grocery store which was considered a luxury. Linda and I have wanted to move into another home for years, I believe it has become a reality this year when I shifted how I was perceiving the current house and my belongings in storage. Last summer I spend a lot of time landscaping and nurturing the home where their had been so much Love and wanted to show my love to it. All the trees and perinniels (sp) survived the cold winter and are doing well. For two years when opening my storage building door I usually felt sick to my stomach, like no movement, no hope. Then I began opening it saying” I am Rich, I am Rich, I am SO damn rich”. This place with my favorite things was my treasure chest and would be displayed in a new beautiful space. At first it seemed kind of a joke saying these words. A few times I waved some incense and lit some sage to bless my things and cleanse the energy there. Expressing gratitude about the house rather than complaining, feeling helpless with all needed repairs was a true distinction. Now we see moving a reality very soon and all the necessary steps to do so possible. THANK YOU GOD !

    • Thank you Stephanie! I believe I shared the whole story in the 40 Day Prosperity Feeding Friendzy. I believe you will like that one too.

      Yes, I was referring to God, Spirit, The Universe, Higher Power (whatever name works for the individual). I was demonstrating for them (and me) the power in faith and trust. I did my part, told the kids that I had put in my order and was just waiting for it to manifest (get here). It was a great teaching moment for us all.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    Long study day today. I am making a commitment to do my goal list later today. I want to be clear about what I want. As long as I don’t claim it, its just an imagination.

    I could even put the scholarship on my list to happen. $2200 isn’t a lot, but its something. I am enjoying this process, but I do miss the Prosperity series. I know I can go back and do that, but this works fine. I just don’t feel as focused. I know its an ego trick.

    My brain needs to rest so I am ending this here. Talk to you soon.

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