The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity Day 10 Chapter 4 Goals

We start today’s video discussing how we learned about goals. Neither of us were raised to set goals, and we don’t have very good practices now. We have set goals in the past and been fairly successful. When we get comfortable, we often get lazy.

The only big goals that we’ve really achieved have been those that we wanted so bad, we were determined to get it no matter what. We were passionate about getting what we wanted. We have to put in as much energy as we expect from the Universe.

To meet our goals, we may often have to give up some of the things we currently have. We must figure the cost to our goals. We may have to change to reach our goals. Are you willing to do that?

Following our dreams and achieving our goals can often be scary and require a big faith in God. Are you willing to have that kind of faith?

We discuss the new 21 day challenge of no complaining, criticizing or gossiping. Are you willing to try the challenge with us?

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  1. Stephanie Scott says

    Even initiating, putting pen to paper to list and describe goals is scary for me. Reminding me of what was said in your intro is helpful, it is okay to be fearful, even necessary. Learning to live with it- wow this is a goal. How to be specific will be a direction. Letting go of the “I can’t” is easier when I have had that come hell or high water or no one can stop me…. The passion as you described. I have also had the experience of forcing a goal, what I should do. Recently, I have changed my goal of doing what is necessary to maintain my LPC, Licensed Professional Counselor. Seeing this as something which identified me in the past, is not what I want now. Letting go of it will allow me some freedom to pursue other goals. A false sense of security is really what it involves, thanks for sharing Lizabeth.

    I recall struggling with two things. Living in the NOW as Eckert Tolle teaches I believe is a healthy state of mind. It seems, feels like a contradiction to goal setting to me, yet is not. What I need to master is both, working towards my goals, while having my day to day, being in the moment as actions and mind set including goals. The other is Edwene’s question of what do I have to give up in order to manifest them? The things which first come to mind are fear, limited self confidence even guilt. In the example of my license, it is not really as much about the money (with these credentials I can have a higher salary) as much is the work has defined me. What I now understand is I can apply my skills, knowledge in a wide variety of types of work. Finding a position where it is about play, I guess relates to defining our life’s purpose. Wow these laws are interrelated !

    I so recall at Ewene’s goal setting workshop, many participants were expressing the goal of making millions or even 1 million by a certain period of time. I could not wrap my head around this, it seemed SO unrealistic to me. I answered a $100,000 which too seemed impossible. The reactions I perceived were surprise and almost “no” you don’t get it. Maybe it was obvious I was not seeing the Universe as Abundant or I was lacking the faith to receive. These are observations not complaints right ??

    I am preparing to leave and visit my family, parents and two sisters, the 21 day challenge will be just that ! I remember telling my self before visiting one time, everything will be okay, I will experience joy and connection with each individual family member. My focus will be LOVE. That visit was the best I recall in many years. I felt less like I tended to: Being pulled in different directions, fair about who I shared time with, and dreading family drama. I will keep all of this in mind as I drive !

    • It takes a lot of courage to let go of something that you worked a long time to get. I applaud your willingness to let go of what no longer serves you at this point in your life. We cannot manifest new things with our thoughts in the old mindset.

      I am learning that there is NO separation. Even with the Laws that govern us spiritually. They all work together to knit the Universe and it works the same in my individual life. They work together. If I am to learn how to create what I want to see in my life, I need to learn how to work with them all. We sometimes call it (yes, the dreaded word here) balance. I am working with that word in a new way now.

      Enjoy the time with family. It is your choice! Love to you.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I did mail my tithing checks yesterday. They were burning a hole in my book bag. I had to ask, do you trust or don’t you. I also completed my application for scholarship, the cover letter and will pick up transcript and letter of recommendation from department head. I didn’t know how mushy to be the cover letter so I just followed my heart. I didn’t want to grovel.

    Now about the complaining….I live with the person who seems to be qualifying the complainers hall of fame. Don’t want to take her inventory. I will stay on my side of the road. That will be a challenge when I am at home. I will start this evening when I leave the library and see what’s what. There is a heaviness to complaining and a turning away from the Light and who wants that.?

    • Good for you Vivian! Trust is a daily practice. I have also hung onto tithing too long. Time to get up and get in the flow again!

      The complaining…I need a LOT of practice on this one…

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