Forty Day Prosperity Update

johnrprice Yesterday, Lizabeth (and I) received a card from John Randolph Price. It was a thank you note because we had sent him a tithe for the way he has fed us through the 40 Day Prosperity Plan.

I can’t tell you how great that made us feel. We have never met the man and yet, because of the small tithe we sent him, he took the time to handwrite a note to say thank you and to give us a little note of encouragement.

Today, I wanted to wring his neck. Sometimes reading these statements and meditating on them just makes me fighting mad. Lizabeth says that means they are working. Whatever.

I get frustrated that I can’t see the ‘HOW’ to get to the things I want. Today we are on statement #6 which contains this part – “it is impossible for me to have any needs or unfulfilled desires.”

Some days I can read that and feel good about it. Today, however, it just made me MAD. I often have unfulfilled desires. What’s up with that? This statement can’t be true.

And then Lizabeth, in her most angelic voice, reminds me what Edwene says, “What must I change about myself to reach my goal?” Uggh. She also reminds me that I may just not be ready for it yet, like the little boy in the Edwene story about the Motorcycle. The little 2 year old boy ASKS his parents for a motorcycle and they say, “Why YES, of course dear, as soon as you are ready to drive one!” Uggghhh.

Waiting is not my specialty. WHY can’t I have it now??? If I can ‘instantly and constantly’ create with my inner supply, as John writes in the statements, then where the heck is it?? I give up.

Since I’m now madder than a wet hen, I’ll just go bury myself in FaceBook. What’s the first thing I see?


I give up. Shreem.


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