Forty Day Prosperity Plan – DONE!

Yay! Today was day 40 for us on the Forty Day Prosperity plan by John Randolph Price. I couldn’t find the exact book I have on amazon for the link to the left, but the book I did find has some audio downloads – those should be interesting.I can honestly say that the last 40 days of practicing this plan have changed my life forever. Here are just a few of the things that have manifested since I started the plan:

  • I finally sold my house. It was only on the market for 17 days before I had a buyer. The buyer agreed to pay only a couple thousand dollars less than the asking price even though the home inspection found some foundational problems that were going to cost $6,000 to $8,000 to fix well enough for her government loan to go through.


  • We’ve gotten several new, wonderful clients since starting the plan
  • We’ve had several referrals from past clients and friends.
  • We’ve received quite a bit of unexpected income from tithes, refunds, insurance policies and other sources.
  • Some of our bills have mysteriously gotten smaller instead of bigger.
  • Our understanding of God and how He works has changed significantly.
  • Our understanding of who we are has changed as well.
  • Our understanding of the prosperity laws of the Universe have changed.
  • We have redefined our business and we now serve for the joy of serving instead of working for money. This has made a HUGE difference in a LOT of ways.
  • We are now following our passions (guidance) more to only do the things we desire to do and leaving the things we don’t want to do for those who desire to do it. I spend my time doing the things that bring me joy. I don’t work on things just for the sake of making money.
  • We truly believe and understand that God is our Source at the cellular level. God is our Source and therefore, we only ‘work’ on the things that bring us joy and passion. We are learning to follow our guidance and only do those things that are ours to do. No person, place or condition is our Source. This means that no client, employer, or income stream is our Source. God may use those channels to fulfill our desires and needs, but He alone is our Source.

I was surprised that each 10 days, as we went back through the same 10 statements, we still found new things in those statements that we hadn’t seen or understood before. I was reminded that the words hadn’t changed, but I had changed. My perspective on life, on God, on prosperity, on myself, had changed significantly in just 10 days since I had considered the statement before.

It makes me want to go back and read several other books that have made a profound difference in my life such as Think and Grow Rich!, The Science of Getting Rich, and The Master Key System.

Spending time on the Forty Day Prosperity plan has been so fun, I don’t want it to be over. So, it won’t be. I will start on another book and then, every so often, I will do the 40 day prosperity plan again. I’m sure that each time I do it, I will gain more consciousness around prosperity. It’s definitely worth the time and effort.




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