Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 8

Today’s lesson gives us hope because God can make all things new, lift us up to the High Road, and restore the years the locusts have eaten. Regardless of what has happened or what we may have done in the past, it just doesn’t matter. Our future can be anything we want. Our future prosperity can totally make anything that may have happened in the past forgettable and forgivable.

We are striving to live available lives so that we can follow our guidance when those nudges occur. To do that we must leave room in our schedules and stay in constant contact with our Higher Power. We are constantly trading the good for the best.

There is a season for everything and we must continually ask if this is ours to do for every thing we do. God is our Source, but we are learning that when we are available to do the things He has nudged us to do, we become more prosperous.

We hope you enjoy today’s video and that it gives you as much hope as this principle gives us. Please leave your views and ideas in the comment section below so that we can all learn from you!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I love this principle. I don’t even care about the stuff I did in the past. It was what it was, but the glorious thing is what I have become and how I can give to others who aren’t there yet. Every once in a while when I share some thought with someone, that person says how did you learn that. It makes me chuckle a bit. I think if you go down the road with the hole and fall in enough, you eventually develop a spiritual mapquest.

    At some point I stopped and started to listen and decided to stop putting myself in harm’s way with relationships, etc. Sure feels good that I pray, stop and listen and say thank you. I rarely make a crazy decision that results in regret. I seem to be able to scan the vastness of what I am pondering and come out with a thought-filled plan. Feels good to be there.

    Now sometime you are out there with detractors who feel they still need to get in the muck. Pay attention and don’t be lured into the morass of drama and upside down thinking and behaving.

  2. I think out of all the Principles, this one is my favorite. It is a reminder that all things can be renewed and restored. That it doesn’t matter what has happened as that no longer applies for today is a new day. It does mean to me that no matter how far I think I have gone, there is nothing that cannot be restored. So beautiful! Thank you!

  3. Vivian Miller says

    Pam, I will borrow your “it’s a God thing” quote for future instances when people say they just can’t understand…..whatever.

    Thanks for that nugget.

  4. hmmmm…staying longer than you should. Guilty. Big Time. BUT, society had hold of me. Now I have hold of me (sorta, for the most part.) I still don’t have my head wrapped around it all yet. My heart is there and my optimism is there, but my head gets in the way. Thus, Let Go and Let God, means so much more to me. I see God every day. In the timing of things, in the people He puts in my path. VERY often a circumstance will take place and I will think that the only explanation is “It’s a God thing” and I don’t HAVE to understand it…I just love to relish the fact that it was a God thing. I saw a post on your OPL page about looking back and having zero regrets (paraphrase.) I might not have handled things individually like I might have preferred to handle them if I had given it more thought and preparation, but sometimes when God says “jump” you just do it and there’s no time for preparation. You can’t take time to worry about the net that may or may not be there…you just do it. He knew if He gave me time to prepare, I would over think it and talk myself out of it AGAIN. Nope – ZERO regrets. And that makes me smile!

    • I read a quote once by Mark Twain that said, “The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” I agree with Mr. Twain but I think finding out the “why” may take longer than a day and may change throughout my lifetime. The one thing I am sure of is that I can look back now, being more aware, and see that it is ALL a ‘God-thing’.

      I don’t think I took a hold of my own life before I ripened to it and I believe that every step I took was the best one for me in the moment. Thank you Pam for your thoughts. They gave me the opportunity to look back and smile today. (Not something I do often)

      I have always known and counted on my connection to Spirit (God) and trusted it. That connection was always something I clung to like a rope but now I see it as MY lifeline. Thank you Vivian for reminding me that it is a life and not a rope.

  5. Vivian Miller says

    The consciousness within me as Divine Spirit is such a lovely statement. I feel I have an attachment to Spirit that cannot be broken. I think about God throughout the day and connect with Spirit for guidance because on my one my decision-making ability is questionable. The idea that there can be new things emerge from the years the locusts have eaten is such a wonderful idea and gives me hope for my present and future. The farther we advance into the present and the less we give energy to those things in the past that we are ashamed of or regret, there becomes a space for the new and we no longer carry the burden of the past. This is a gift to be able to just keep moving forward because our slates have been cleaned.

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