Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 7

Our only responsibility is to be aware that God is our Source and then act in faith on that Truth. When we truly trust God as our Source, then all things will fall into place. We don’t have to worry about the ‘how’.

Not only do we need to acknowledge God as our Source, but we need to follow our Guidance when we get those divinely inspired nudges. What nudges have you gotten that you haven’t acted upon yet?

Is what you are doing now, really yours to do? Or are you stealing someone else’s job? Once it’s yours to do, will it be yours forever?

Today’s video is a little long, but well worth the listen. We discuss how we have learned to follow our guidance and how we’ve taken some of those leaps of faith. Lizabeth also talks about how she just might become Honey Boo Boo.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Still working on trust. It is a process and I have accepted that. I can’t tell you how amazing the daily gratitude list is.

    So glad I don’t have to agendize myself.

    • I’m also glad that you don’t find it necessary to apologize for your real feelings! I have finally let go of the need for other people to accept my truth. My truth is not dependent upon approval of even those I love and I find an unbelievable amount of peace in accepting MY own path. Embracing the process is the path to success!

  2. Wow! Thanks for sharing Vivian! I love what you said about it being “unexpected, but accepted without a “for me” prompt.” I am intrigued. Would you explain more about what you meant?

  3. Vivian Miller says

    Interestingly after I did the exercise (I call it) I went down and got the mail and just had a feeling about money. Bam there was $70 cash in the mail. Just something for me to think about. It was totally unexpected, but accepted without a “for me” prompt.

    • Bam! I love it Vivian!! Thank you for sharing your surprise with us! We found that the whole time we were doing the 40 Day Plan, we got those kinds of surprises. The last day we got an $1800+ surprise! It’s amazing how God works when we just focus more on Him and follow His nudges.

    • Vivian Miller says

      I neglected to answer the “for me” comment. Sometimes our desirability quotient is so.low we feel undeserving. So I am deserving of all I get because I am .a loving person so no surprise for me.

  4. Vivian Miller says

    Somehow I never saw myself as Divine Consciousness. I must broaden my vision. Also the let go let God reference is like an explosion in my brain. I have difficulty discerning what is his/hers and what is mine to do. My relaxation helps me to make the distinction. Silence and stillness are very important in my life and I find when I embrace those elements, things just occur to me. When I am fighting a concept, I move my thoughts to Spirit or just say God first and there is a shift in my thinking. This always works.

    I think I will ask Spirit to show me the awarenesses I need to be more in tune with what the principle is saying. Perhaps I am better than I think, but my “Judge” is holding court in my head and being very uncompromising.

    I will ask for CLARITY.

  5. I really “heard” you on the “just because it’s mine to do now doesn’t mean it’s mine to do forever”.

    • I didn’t say much here! LOL! I’m still rolling through this one. It does seem freeing to not have to be concerned over the law working all the time. But, it can be disconcerting because we do have to open our awareness or we get things by default. I once heard someone say “we cannot NOT create” in that we are always creating whether we are aware of it or not. I had prefer to be conscious and aware of what I’m creating so as to have a little more control! (Maybe I am controlling after all!)

      • We are always creating that IS the control we have. If I don’t like what I see today, I can choose to create something different. I forget that sometimes I am looking at the process of the change. Almost like looking at the separate ingredients that make up the cake, or the batter in the bowl, instead of the finished, iced product. I have to remind myself daily that change is a process and if I look at the process too closely, I might not like what I see.

        I think if we open our awareness to the “process” of change then we understand how to work with it instead of against it.

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