Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 5

Today’s principle reminds us that money, conditions and others are NOT our supply. Only God is our Source and Supply.

Our employer and paycheck are not our Source, God is. Our clients aren’t our supply, only God.

Are we trusting God for our supply or are we living from lack? Are we allowing the supply to flow into our lives or are we keeping it away because of our fears?

When we work for or from need, we can produce more need. When we work (or play) from our desires and enjoyment… when we serve for the joy of serving… we truly get in the flow and all our needs and desires are fulfilled.

Today’s video was shot in Chattanooga, TN. We were heading to Gatlinburg, TN to ring in the New Year and stopped in to visit a friend/client. We hope you enjoy this discussion as much as we did!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Money is not my supply. Once a month some of the Unity folks meet at a Marriott for a Prosperity Breakfast. One of the members gave us each $20 seed money. I had never heard of that and didn’t know how it worked. This unexpected income keeps coming from unexpected places. Whoo, whoo!!

    Lisabeth, what is John Phillip Randolph’s address? You can message me on FB.

    I am so surprised at these financial demonstrations which continue to manifest. I asked for assistance in building trust and it just keeps happening. Wow. I am so blessed and will continue to do the practice as evidence that I am trusting. Of course, God knows whats in my heart.

  2. I am thinking about how today isn’t about money but about supply. God is my source for ALL things. Wow.
    I really really want people to be my source of love and acceptance and approval and validation. I want others to show me I am valuable and ok. But they aren’t my supply? My consciousness of god as source is my supply? Well that’s fascinating but it’s not how I tend to live. And it feels scary to let go of attachment to the idea that money, people, places and things are my supply.
    It’s also easy to focus on money as the endgame. If I have money I’ll be ok. Here it’s suggesting that money not only isn’t the goal, it isn’t even the supply. Say what????
    Talk about leaps of faith here.
    So what does the practical application of this principle look like? Well…I liked what Cindy said about following my desires. What if my desires are god inspired? What if I didn’t spend my time fighting what I feel called to do and instead embraced it as divine knowing? What if? This is good stuff. Not easy. Or is it? Maybe I’m attached to difficulty and suffering as a supply as well.

    • One of the hardest things for me to get used to is that I can’t just take one leap of faith and be ok. Just like I have found with forgiveness, I have to forgive again every time I get hurt or mad or whatever. The same thing with this prosperity stuff. No two situations are alike. I can’t just say I trust God to give me the money for _______ today and magically I am ok the next time I am faced with a “perceived shortage”.

      I have to constantly and consistently realign myself with the Truth. Like Cindy has reminded me once, God isn’t a moving target. I move though, so when I look up and notice that I am not in the same position, I experience that panic again until I fix my bearings.

      I want others to be my source because they appear to be moving with me. That, I have figured out, is the illusion. They are moving as well and that is one of the reasons why I cannot trust them to be my source and supply. They may not be standing behind me if I fall. Big AHA for me today. Thanks for bringing it forth!

  3. Vivian Miller says

    As I mentioned yesterday, I have great fear around money. That has been the perpetual message resonating in my family for years. I so want to turn that belief around to “Money is not my supply.” I almost married someone years ago in order to have health insurance. Divine Understanding got my attention and I realized what I was about to do made no sense. We went all the way to Las Vegas, but I decided I just could not do it. I am so grateful for that realization. Shortly after that trip, I got a job that provided health insurance. Oh the places we will go with our illusions.

    I have work to do around my upside down thinking about money. I will not panic. I will keep doing the exercises and as Lisbeth said look at the fear under the money issue. There had to be something that created that fear. I do not have to understand everything today. I will open my mind to receive my good. I know in God’s time as my resistance to knowing decreases, I will come to understand and be free. Thank you ladies for a wonderful exercise.

    • You are free Vivian. I see with you and for you that you feel the support of Spirit in each moment and that it leads you to the Divine Wisdom you seek. I see the fear in your power and of the choices you make diminishing so you see God working through you, as you. I see your perceptions shifting and the realization that you are filled with the Light of Truth becoming so self-evident that fear no longer guides your decisions or carves your path. You are the Master of your experience now and ever more. And so it is.

  4. Carmie Sanchez says

    As I contemplate day 5. I realize the resistance that I sometimes have around money. What seems to happen with me is the more money I have the more fear around money I have. Rather than holding the knowing that it is my divine path to always be supported I start holding false fear around lack. This resistance leaves me playing small. If I only have a few dollars, I give freely knowing that all of my needs will be meet. When my supply increases to a point where my tithe are large my fear increases. I feel fine when my tithe is 100 dollars but when it is 1000.dollars I start down the lack path which is backwards from the reality of things. Then as my finances decrease I start trusting and my finances once again increase. I am not sure why I play this game with myself. I know there is no reality in lack. I have tested the laws of tithing many times and understand that it truly does work. No person, place or condition is my supply. My consciousness of this Truth is unlimited. Therefore my supply is unlimited. Good stuff ladies!

    • Good stuff indeed Carmie! I found that when I had more money I had a greater fear of losing it than I do now of trusting God with my supply. I guess it was because I had more of a responsibility to be a good manager of my money – or at least that’s the pressure I was feeling. Probably an old tape that I picked up from childhood about not being able to handle my money wisely. I seem to feel more comfortable if I don’t have any to manage because it takes the pressure off. NOT a good way to become more prosperous. I’m trying to change all that and become a better manager of my money, but to also change those beliefs I have around money 🙂 Thanks for sharing your wisdom with us Carmie! I’m so glad you are on this journey with us!

    • I really like this insight, Carmie! Now that you’ve brought it to my attention, I too can see where the larger tithes are more challenging to mr. It’s just a number but I put a lot of emotions in that number! Thank you!

  5. Ouch! You hit two points of mine! “I didn’t trust God with my money” & “reason people want to win the lottery is because they don’t trust God”. I know I’ve got trust issues in my life & my wake up call is here–it ultimately comes down to my trust in God & this Universe. I’ve danced around that realization but until you two had the courage to stand up & say it on this video, I’ve never had the courage to say it for what it really is..I’m not trusting God with my money. Why not?!? I mean that Being can do a heck of a lot better than I can with it! Obviously! Bankruptcy- losing my home which blew my family apart and still a 30
    K dept–so I’m not doing well with it! It’s time for me to put my faith in God & trust in Its Security.

    Yes, I have to remind myself that God is my supply. It’s so easy to think that money is my supply & my employer is my supply because that is how we have the system arranged– it’s an illusion. God is the source &’Substance in back of that piece of paper that represents money. That Source & Substance is unlimited– that’s the good news! The bad news is we, in our own lack consciousness, can limit the unlimited flow of this Divine Substance & Supply! Which is still not too bad because if we limit it then we must have the ability to unlimit it also!

    I’m wearing out already, Ladies. Think I need to lay down! Ha! Love you!

    • Amen. You got it. Now the trick is, how do we remember this and then pass it on? Books have been written, songs sung, lectures given, and still…we must keep repeating, God is my source. The answer is (I think) we have to keep on, keeping on until the majority gets it. You know. That 100th monkey idea. One day, we will have that *AHA* and then the majority will change. One step, one person at a time we are making those changes now.

      All it takes is one fool willing to look like Honey Boo Boo…that’s where my card got pulled…LOL

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