Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 40

We are having a PARTY!!

Congratulations! You did it! Day 40! Our final video in this series.

We think that this is one of the hardest principles to do. We discuss more of the changes that we see in our lives since we started this plan. We also discuss what might have happened in our lives had we been able to just ‘let go and let God’ earlier in our lives.

We are asking hard questions today. What if you had taken all the judgement out of your life? Where would you be today?

We see these principles working in our lives and that’s what matters most. Our practice is working when we stick to it. The biggest change we’ve noticed has been in our kids as they watch us change.

Changing the words to ‘Good’ and ‘Joy’ really drive things home for us today. We put our trust in the Good in the world. We place our focus on the Good within. We are focusing on the joy on the inside so that we realize we already have the joy that we are looking for on the outside.

Thank you for Joining us for this study! We have thoroughly enjoyed studying with you!

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  1. Day 40!!! Huzzah!! Thank you so much ladies! This has been a great journey I’m so glad we all showed up for it. And I love the fact that it just keeps going after this. Thinking about what my life look like if I really really place my entire focus on God within. I’ll be free from worry and the need to control. I have more time to notice the abundance of the miracles around me all the time. I’ am peaceful and serene and I have a willingness to go for the things that I want b/c I trust my desires as God-given and trust the outcome as well. Thank you for feeding me.
    Y’all have already started the next feeding frenzy of a course in weight loss but I’m considering starting it myself. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! There’s some resistance here for sure but what a gift y’all are giving us by moving through your own resistance and showing up.

    • YOU DID IT!!!! So proud of you and all you have accomplished! You have the brightest future Jade and I am honored to walk with you. Thank you for the feeding you have given me along the way. It was an easier process knowing we had the support of great people like you. See you in the next one!

  2. WOO HOO – Day 40 done!!! I’m hollering right now as we speak 🙂 You guys are hilarious in this video, now where did I put my ridiculous wig?? That’s ok, I’ll just do a ridiculous dance instead 🙂
    This 40 day Prosperity Plan has just opened up a whole new world for me. There’s been a huge shift in my consciousness and my heart is more open to the wonder of this Divine Source.
    I have to say there have been ups and downs during this 40 day plan, all have which revealed the presence of God Source in my life. Around day 30 I wasn’t sure if I was really trusting God in my heart, I was aware of God’s presence in my mind (that’s easy) but to trust God during challenging times was not easy. What happened next were some very difficult situations that taught me to not only trust God during the smooth sailing times but especially during the more difficult times. After these challenges, I realised God gave me the answer I was looking for! I had to reduce the stress and anxiety I was feeling (let go of this fear and control I had and this was not easy), I had to believe in God Source and I had to ask God for guidance.
    As spiritual beings living on this physical plane though, we are constantly challenged each day – we want the control, we want things to speed up and we’re our own worst critics but knowing this God source has taught me to do the best I can, to go with the flow, to be more joyous in the present moment, to be more loving to myself and leave the rest to God as my source.
    Although I may have completed the 40 day Prosperity Plan my journey doesn’t end here. My knowledge of God as us, as our Divine Source with be an ongoing practice.
    To Cindy and Lizabeth (and CeCe too!), you have been such a blessing and so much fun to watch! The content and depth of discussion in your Youtube videos has been immensely helpful. I was doing this plan alone but with the help of your videos and this website I wouldn’t have had some of the AHA moments that I did. I wouldn’t have even thought of some of the things you guys raised in your videos.
    If ever I meet individuals who are on the path to finding more Prosperity in their lives I’ll definately be pointing them in the direction of your website and videos.
    I’m already looking forward to doing another 40 days very soon!
    Schreem 🙂

    • We are dancing with you Monica! Thank you so much for your kind words. It does us a world of good to know that someone else is getting the message, not just us. We set out to just invite people to our conversation. The responses of you and everyone else who has contacted us, has truly fed us and help us see God in action, through us, as us and through you.

      We invite you to share this with your friends and to keep in touch with us individually and with OurProsperousLife on facebook. We want to hear from you soon!

  3. Vivian Miller says

    Just before I watched the video I was sitting in the car thinking of the years the locusts had eaten due to worry, fear and judgment. To hear you make references to the judgments over the years was not surprising. I cannot climb in bed with that thought and lay there for a minute even. I feel the quality of my life is so much better because of this program and the work I have done in the last 15 years or so.

    This program has been wonderful for me. I want more depth which is mine to orchestrate. I will restart the program tomorrow. When I leave the library (where else) I will do some writing in my journal about depth and see what messages I get from Spirit. Sometimes when I ask I get nothing, but when I “let go” I hear this gentle whisper in my ear of an intevening thought that says “Why don’t you try this.”

    I want to thank you both for all the goodness and Godness I have discovered. You are truly angels on my path and I want to be here to support you, if I can.

    I look forward to Day 1 tomorrow and the Marianne Williamson book study on the 17th. Enjoy your time off even though it probably is not enough! Hugs

    • Vivian Miller says

      I forgot to mention…..along the lines of prosperity, I have gained so much through this program. Monitarily, I can’t say Oprah calls me for financial pointers, but I have gained emotionally which is something I really wanted. The financial ducks are lining up as we speak and I am sure some changes are comeing. I would endorse this program for everyone, but I know there are those who cannot or will not do a daily discipline of watching a video. Oh well!

      • Vivian, thank you SO much for feeding us throughout this study! Please know that we read ALL your comments even if we didn’t respond to them all. We are finding that balance in getting the lessons out on time and keeping up our web development business at the same time, so unfortunately, sometimes we didn’t get to respond as often and as consistently as we’d hoped. Thank you for carrying on anyway!

        We love you Vivian and are SO glad to see your progress and success! We look forward to your next 40 days! I have set your emails back to day 1 again, so you should see it in your email inbox tomorrow!

  4. Thank you SO much for this, it feels good to know I made it through and there has clearly been a change in the way I look at my part in prosperity. I stopped getting the emails on day 25 so I actually had to make the extra effort to come to your web site. I pushed myself to do it because I knew there would be change if I did, and there has been. I will now move on to the Master Key System next.
    Love to you both.

    • Eileen, Thank YOU! You have blessed us through your words of kindness. I’m sorry you weren’t getting the emails. Our newsletter software says that they were delivered so I’m assuming they might have gotten lost in a spam or junk filter somewhere? They are coming from so you may want to add that to your email whitelist. You should be able to check with your email provider as to how to go about doing that. I’m glad you brought that to our attention so that we would know and in case someone else is having the same problem. Anyone not receiving the emails should definitely check their junk or spam folders. If you still can’t find it, please contact us and we will try to find the reason you aren’t receiving the emails like you should.

      I’m glad you’ve noticed change Eileen! We have noticed a lot of change as well and we LOVE being fed by all of you! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

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