Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 4

The substance of Spirit is my supply. My consciousness of my God-self, the Christ within, is what pulls this substance into my life.We have so much more power than we demonstrate on a daily basis if we could just get rid of our fear. We are capable of great things if we could just get out of our own way.

“Perfect love casts out fear” 1 John 4:18

The opposite of fear is love. Want to get rid of fear? ย Find the truth behind it, which always leads to love.

Excuse the dishwasher noises in the background. We are learning as we go. Hopefully, it won’t be distracting for you.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    God-self and Christ within–what a connection. I think this means there is nothing we can’t do if we do the work. I feel there is nothing I can’t have. I feel unlimited prosperity with I think of this concept. The term God-self is very nuturing. On days when I don’t feel fierce, I must remind myself that through the consciousness of my God-self I am vast abundant energy.

    My son is getting married in March in NYC and I didn’t have anyone to stay with my mom while I was gone so my options were limited. Had a discussion with my Atlanta prayer partner from Edwene’s retreat in 2012 and she spoke of masterminding this problem. Four days later this concern was handled. Here we go again with the business of trusting and not worrying about the “HOW.” I am so amazed about this program.

    Also had computer repair done by my college professor’s brother. Got her cleaned up and more memory and only $150. Now that is certainly a prosperity demonstration. Miracle minded I am.

    • You are a powerhouse of Spirit Vivian and all that you desire is at your fingertips. You are seeing some great demonstrations of the power you have and the trust you are employing to solve some rather difficult situations. Bravo! Thank you for sharing with us. We are celebrating with you!

  2. What I love about #4 is that the substance of God is NOT my supply. My CONSCIOUSNESS is my supply.
    So it’s not about locating substance but remembering it. Whether I claim it or not, it’s there.
    That’s a bit of a mind blower for me. My fear pulls me to a story of supply wherein it’s out there somewhere or even in here somewhere but I have to locate it somehow. What if that’s not true? What if I need not find the ocean but simply remember that it’s me?
    Remember and ACT. That’s the part where fear renters the picture. I’ll just sit here, conscious thank you very much and wait for the windows of heaven to open.
    News flash! They ARE open already!!! All I’ve got to do is gather.
    Ugh. Don’t like that. I am afraid of action, being wrong, messing up, looking stupid. Ego stuff.
    When that drives the bus, it is a challenge to be anywhere but stuck. Ego doesn’t need to be driving!! Where the heck did it get a license in the first place?? I think it’s time to revoke that sucker!!

  3. Donna Sutton says

    Hi Cindy and Liz, I have listened to the 1st and 4th prosperity. I noticed two things about myself that I really am resistant to commitment and how much I do fear and am digging through that to find what is really behind that. That session has a lot of food for thought for me. I have improved on prosperity by believing I have enough I am able to get most of the things I want as least on a small scale. I am ready to receive on a much larger scale. So I do want to study these classes with you, I’m just a little slow. You two are really great teachers.

    • Thanks Donna! I can’t tell you how happy we are that you are joining us in this. You aren’t slow. You are at just the right speed for you. There is no fast or slow. It’s exactly as it’s supposed to be. We’ll be here.

      • We are both here. There is no rush, no right time or right way. Why do think there is a resistance to commitment for you? I really resisted doing this whole project for a long time. I had issues with how I would look and being taken seriously. I am still working through those as I do this. I go to bed some nights praying that I won’t be a laughing stock but then again…knowing that God will call those who need it and trusting is what changed it for me.

  4. Wow! That is a huge step Vivian. I am proud of you and for you. It takes a lot of courage to ‘get naked’ and admit to a fear. I, too had a huge fear of letting go of the security of the regular paycheck. I was making 50K+ last year when I WALKED AWAY. BIG TIME fear and anxiety. I did it with awareness however and I think that made all the difference. A year before, I began to pray and look for options other than the job. I found something I was interested in and started making the changes I needed to make (I studied for that year).

    It still took a great leap of faith to walk away. I couldn’t retire, I had put in 14 years and still had no vested interest and no retirement, and no savings to fall back on. I just knew I had a desire, I changed what I needed to change about me and I was standing at the end of the diving board staring at the water below. I took the step. It was terrifying but it was the best decision I have made in a long while.

    It has been 14 months since I jumped and I have not faltered. God has had my back the entire way. I have been happier and have been serving more completely and fully since I chose to follow my guidance–fully. Taking that first step is the hardest but the most rewarding.

    Follow your guidance. God’s got this.

  5. Vivian Miller says

    My major fear is economic insecurity. Ever since my divorce over 20 years ago, I have worried that I couldn’t make it without that second income. Now there was a period of time during that marriage and one of the recessiosn when he was out of work for seven years, but still I have that idea of loss. I don’t know what it will take to get over that fear. I am living off my 401(k) and seeing the balance shrink every month is frightening.

    I am tutoring school children teaching them to read, but that only brings in a small stipend. I love what I do, but I need to get off my duff and find work. My plan is to start with a temp agency, but that looming insecurity is always in my chest. It is an awful feel, but I am, hopfull that these exercises transform my thinking so this fear can be done. Even when I was working and making $40k plus a year I still had the fear so I don’t know what my circumstances have to be to move to a peaceful place. I’m sure more will be revealed.

    • Vivian Miller says

      Wow that took some guts to get that off my chest. I feel naked right know like I am exposed. I know what doesn’t get acknowledge only grows. Breathing out air.

  6. Vivian Miller says

    This video was excellent. The fear business is something I have to meditate on for a while and really look at the areas where I feel stuck and unable to move forward or feel free about keeping my glance in the present rather than the past or future.

    I will give an additional comment this afternoon. I am off to our study group this morning. We are studying the gifrt of POWER. I am sure that can eradicate some fear.

  7. Y’all had me laughing on that one! I’m enjoying these sessions! Another aspect of fear is whether or not what stimulates that fear is animate or inanimate. I can simultaneously witness someone in the presence of a horse hiding behind me as I stand with ours, literally trembling with fear and see Rachel dominate that 1200lb horse with her KNOWLEDGE of that animal. I think that being afraid of something inanimate (i.e. heights, etc.) is certainly something very real for that person, but it is also completely overcomable (is that a word?) Okay, it is surmountable. You can drill down into yourself to LEARN to control that fear.

    With something like a snake or a horse, I think the fear drills down to lack of control. You are dealing with another living thing that has a brain of its own and you doubt your ability to control that thing and not being able to control its actions makes you afraid. Fear of the unknown, so to speak. Rachel has trained and practiced and worked very hard to TRUST her horse. When they are flying around the barrel pattern and beating 125 other people with their time…that is awesome!! BUT, she is on the back of a living, breathing, thing with a brain that could, at any millisecond, decide with his own brain that he doesn’t want to do what she is asking and he could very literally do his own thing when she’s not ready and kill her. She has to be ready for that. I love to watch them when they ride…but what I love more is to listen to her talk about the ride. See…I SEE with my eyes, the same thing every run. But then she comes after her run and says that he messed up on the second barrel, (or whatever) and then she will describe to me how he braced against the bit or how he stepped out with his hind right, instead of a step in, or how he wouldn’t bend his left shoulder and dropped it instead, etc. I can’t SEE any of that…but it is all incredibly crucial to her run. She can FEEL all of that.

    All of this to say. She has no Fear of this animal – because she has taken the time to get to know him. We know lots of horses – and they all have different personalities. It is easy to be afraid of them as a generic whole. But, once you trust your knowledge, you can overcome it. Your knowledge of horses clues you in to their next action. (typically) There are ALWAYS warning signs BEFORE a horse will kick or bite or rear, etc. If you have the knowledge of what to look for, there’s nothing to fear. Cindy, if you began to study snakes and learn about them, your fear would subside (eventually.) They creep me the heck out and I just don’t have any interest in overcoming that fear – but, if I were serious about it, I would study them, learn about them, and put my hands on them (in captivity) Because, like the barrel pattern, we sit back and watch and SEE the same thing every time we look at one – slimy, creepy, unpredictable, etc. But when we can be like Rachel and FEEL the varying degrees of a snake, we come to understand and no longer fear.

    Okay – here’s another one. My aren’t I chatty this morning! So we have this stray cat at my store. We live-trapped her and took her to the vet to have her fixed. We brought her back into the store in that cage for a couple of days to heal from surgery before turning her back out. This cat was Ferocious! She knew nothing of the human touch. While in the live trap, she hissed and growled incessantly. You could not approach the cage at all…for FEAR that she would take your arm clean off. So, Rachel (my vet-to-be animal understander and lover) decided to help the cat overcome her “anger”. Rachel bravely announced that she was about to reach into the cage and make the cat let her pet her. WHAT?!?! You go ahead…I’ll be giving the ambulance directions. Geesh! She did it. She reached into the cage with a steady hand and gentle voice and made the cat understand that we were not going to hurt her. We decided not to turn her out after she healed, because Rachel wanted to keep working with her and tame her. It took a couple of weeks of working with her every day and desensitizing her to all manner of movement and voice. As a reult…I can’t keep the cat off of me or my store counter. We are BFFs. All of that growling and hissing had nothing to do with meanness or anger. She was not a monster. She was just scared to death. We had to help her overcome her fear of the human. Face the fear. Humans and kitties and all others act out in ways that express big and bad attitudes – but most of the time, it’s just fear. Yeah, you run across cats (and horses and snakes) that really do have a nasty streak and mean business. But you never know how awesome a person or horse or cat, etc. can be until you help them face their fear – and at the same time, face your own.

    • Next time I run into a snake, I’m calling Rachel!! I love that girl! She amazes me. Thanks Pam for your comments, they really help me take a new look at fear AND trust. I love that you are ‘chatty’. That’s how we learn from each other. Keep chattin’ away! Thanks for being a part of this with us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Lol! So did you have nightmares, Cindy?!?
    Seriously, though, you both bring so much joy to this journey! I had not tied fear into this one before now. This is one I really (italicized) needed to hear. Yes, there is an underlying fear of lack in my core beliefs! I’m astonished.. I don’t know why it’s such an eye-opener for me but it is. The reason underlying why I have not completed my doctorate, enrolled in the Medical Qigong Practicioner cert, & moved back to east TN so I can be with my bears is fear! Specifically , fear of not having enough money to pay the bills! Practicality, is what I keep calling it but Truth is fear of lack is still present.
    It’s okay to be “afraid” of snakes, Cindy. I don’t know that we have to modify everything in our lives. For ex: I’m afraid to step in front of an oncoming train! LOL! But, I know you “get” what I’m saying.. Something’s are present as a biological initiative of survival & is not necessarily “bad”. I don’t like cave crickets, those things come around me & I’m reduced to squealing like a little princess! Lol! We just live with it & try to keep me & the cave crickets separated for the good of all involved! Ha!
    But I do have a question, at what point is something practical or impractical? Or does that even have anything to do with making much needed changes in my lifestyle?

    • No nightmares that night, but I’ve had plenty in the past! It’s ok to be afraid, but fear should never hold you back. When we walk on fire, we are still afraid, but we don’t let it stop us. Fear is just a membrane and once we break through the membrane, the fear may or may not still be there. We just feel the fear and do it anyway. So, my little mind says that it becomes impractical when it holds you back and keeps you from really living.

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