Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 39

Today we discuss being in the flow and how we struggle at the first of the month when bills are due.

Fear is never in the flow. We need to know that we are being led by our Guidance instead of by our fear before we act.

When we make a decision, there seems to be backlash that makes us check our guidance and our determination. We are faced with the fears that will get us to our destination.

Lizabeth uses a good analogy about a boat with a leak. When we make a move in a boat, there is a counter move. Good Stuff!!

You have to take the next logical step. We must learn to manage the money we have now so that we can have more.

These videos have helped us stay focused and committed to this study. We bring CC Veazey back to talk more about the word ‘Good’. Awesome insights from her! Thank you CC!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    It was fun at the wedding today. Afterwards we went to brft and I sat there panicking. over the bill. Turns out someone gifted my son by paying the chk. It is almost. criminal what we do to us.

    Faith is not our default setting. I think we just need to keep practicing. Also, that is indicative of no trust. I just think this means keep working it.

    This faith and trust business is no joke.

    • Trust and faith are both practices. If they weren’t we would have gurus that we could go to for a simple treatment. It is in the moments that make us panic that we have to make the conscious choice to trust. In that we find our faith buried under old thoughts and practices that we learned along the way. Even when I am choked by panic, God has still got it. It is just up to me to let go; one moment at a time.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    Today in study group we spoke of tofu and how it takes on the flavor of whatever its paired with. The same. with feat faith joy or whatever. My mom lost or misplaced money and has been moving all week. I went in her room and searched but didn’t find it. Within five minutes of saying let me pray, she found it. Trust is amazing.

    Also a glitch with my phone resulted in a reduction of. $20 on my phone bill. I affirmed money from unexpected places. Trust is critical. Just believe inspite of appearances.

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