Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 38

We have relied on this promise throughout the study. God’s got this. We don’t have the answers, but God does.

We discuss some of the decisions we’ve had to make and how we view those in hind-sight. These decisions have not been easy and our emotions sometimes get in the way. We’ve both had difficulties letting our kids go to follow their own guidance.

Replacing the words with ‘Good’ and ‘Joy’ help a little more today. It reminds us that we will have joy from all things in the future.

Please share your insights and wisdom with us below. We would love for you to invite your friends and family to join us too!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I looked at my earlier.commemt and realize I sometimes I falter. We all do. While yesteday I did a number on myself I realize I ley my guard down. I learned a valuable lesson. I will not forget.

    I love me ni mattet what. I invisioned God telling me to take it easy on myself but I had to run all thecway through my process. Im a winner.

    • Just because I have awakened to parts of the process doesn’t mean I get to skip it. There have been times recently when I have asked God for just that, the ability to skip the process. I realize the the growth comes within the folds of the process and I keep on keeping on.

      You are a winner.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I know pain is inevitable but suffering is optional. I have moved into a zone where I don’t dwell on the past. All that happened needed to happen to shape who I am today.
    What was missing was at the time I didn’t have the spiritual maturity I have now. I’m sure there is more to learn but I am happy for the spiritual muscle to know how to go through my “lessons”. I know there id a Divine presence that will be there and comforting through the rough spots.

  3. Boy I can agree with the view from the high road. During very tough days I was able to say “if I could step back far enough I know I wouldn’t change a thing because I know this is a valuable part of my journey”. And that is enough to invite me to embrace the experience and I am able to find the gifts more easily.

    • I am glad you have that vantage point Eileen. There are times when I need a reminder that a High Road exists! I want to remain on the High Road. I find that it takes daily practice and sometimes more patience than I can muster!

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