Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 37

Our trust has gotten stronger throughout this study. These principles are becoming our first or second thought when we have a ‘panic’ over money or supply. It brings us some relief.

We’ve found that the principles work more quickly on certain ‘problems’ or what we are looking at. It comes easier with some things more than others. It’s still a practice for us.

We also believe these principles more at the gut level through this practice. We’ve moved these principles more into our hearts from our head. We have more of an understanding and knowing that we did initially.

We recognize that we still have a lot of work to do to get to where we need to be.

We discuss the fact that these are not ‘cop outs’ to put everything in God’s court. We have our own work to do – we have to take action – but once we’ve stayed in integrity and done EVERYTHING we can do, we turn it over to God.

Switching the words to ‘Good’ and ‘Joy’ brings a discussion about judgement and emotions. We still have trouble seeing ourselves as ‘Good’. ‘Joy’ is a little easier for us.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I just read my comment from February 7th which spoke to me as a strategy to get through my last class tonight. I have a presentation to do which I have judgments about, but I think I can let it go and in the next 5 hours polish up what I need to do and leave the results up to God. I will get whatever grade I get and will accept it.

    I am sitting here eating a meatloaf sandwich looking at the brown/green grass and feeling like this is only one day in my life and to lighten up. So I decided to listen to the video before I hunker down. It has been such a joy sharing my path with you and knowing you were there and sending me positive vibes through my occasional bleak times. I have set an intention for the day and have it sitting in front of me so I can stay focused.

    I think judging things takes energy and if we can just casually move to a more positive thought and keep engaged with Spirit that will strengthen our resolve when the ego thoughts head toward us full force.

    Must skidaddle and do what I came here to do. I did get some loving from my little ones at school today. We read about The Body and When Will Spring Arrive. They sure like to lean against me when they read. It is so endearing. Have a wonderful day or night whenever you read this. Love you both.

    • Knowing you are exactly where you should be right now and all is well. The idea of approaching this chapter with no judgement is a good one. Try it. It is as it should be. Judging does use up needed energy. I see you free from the need to judge this lesson as good or bad and accepting it as it is.

      You have our love and support. You also got a nice demonstration of love from your little one’s today. Excellent touch. Love to you and you got this girl!


  2. Vivian Miller says

    Speaking of panic, I had a 7 page paper to do today in 5 hrs. Needed to do research, the whole nine. I got it done. The pieces just fell into place. I just put one foot in front of the other, stayed prayerful that somehow I would just know what to do. The paper was on Meister Eckhart and mysticism. I got it done within 20 min. of the library closing. I said thank you the whole way. I did not panic….well I thought about panicing and decided it just didn’t serve me. The Universe is awesome whether we get out say or not.

    There goes that trusting business, again. It keeps coming back to trust. The Course says I am not a victim of the world I see. Amen.

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