Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 36

By George, I think she’s got it! Once we have a desire the ability to manifest the experience or form is available to us. However, depending on how well we maintain our focus, our manifestation may take some time. We often take detours based on limiting factors that we put in the way.

I still have a little trouble with the words ‘instantly’ and ‘constantly’ because we don’t see the manifestation instantly. The word ‘unfulfilled’ still causes a few problems for me too. But, overall I’m definitely getting there.

We want to merge the little ‘r’ reality and the big ‘R’ Reality with this study. We want to believe that that’s possible in this lifetime. We are striving to decrease the amount of time between the desire and the manifestation.

Our biggest changes are in how we look at things, not necessarily the manifestations. However, we have had lots of manifestations too.

I’ve added another discussion we had with CC Veazey to today’s video. I think it might shed some light on ‘instantly’, ‘constantly’ and ‘unfulfilled’ as they pertain to our time perspective.

Switching the words ‘Good’ and ‘Joy’ didn’t change the principle much for us. We did get a good laugh from this one though.

Please tell us what you think about this principle in the comments below. Also, share this video with others so we can get their thoughts and ideas too!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Came to Ursuline to study AGAIN and got out of the car started walking and there was more money on the ground. God, what’s up with this daily find. Wow. Interestingly I have been thanking the Universe for money from the sky down or the ground up, that money is raining down on me. I am not going out looking for it. I affirmed today that I am a magnet for all good and I see it coming without impediment.

    I like the acting as if concept Cc mentions. I think that often we can “see” that there are vestiges of proof that our desires are being fulfilled. I think we “need” it to look a certain way which is why we encounter a hurdle.

    My Course lesson suggests that I not forget my function as the light of the world. I am writing it as a reminder that I am the light of the world and that as that source of energy nothing is impossible for me to attain.

    I do want a perpetual state of joy in my life. I know sometimes I get in the way of its longevity because I bow to the ego. My awareness is heightened and I will notice.

    • Awareness is our first step but it isn’t the last, by any means. I love that you are seeing daily manifestations of the lavishness of God! It isn’t until I got ready to turn over the numbers to the accountant this year that I actually looked at the lavish support I have had. It is so much easier to see the lavish God in a lottery win but I think it takes faith and appreciation to see it in the change we find. Our sight is often my hurdle. Funny enough, I used to think I needed to “see” to follow God. Know I know that it is my “eyesight” that often leads me astray. Just a thought.

  2. I see the JOY in both of ya’ll today! Thank you.
    So an instant is a measurement of time. Its not what I tend to think of as instant, as in zero time passing. An instant is an amount. Less than a minute or second perhaps but still a unit of time.
    If my supply comes from my needs and desires the instant is necessary, otherwise I would have no needs/desires and no supply.
    This one is convoluted a bit for me.
    But thinking of the instant as a unit of time is helpful.
    My instant is currently feeling longer than I would like.

    • Hard to believe in “instant” also being a measure of time. I will have to work on dropping the measurements. I agree with you Vivian. Instant is sometimes a long ways away but a lifetime seems to fly by too. It’s all judgement.

  3. Vivian Miller says

    Now that you guys are almost “done” with this cycle and are moving on to something else…..I am wondering if the videos are available somewhere because I want to do it again. Can I access you through YouTube?

    I must say I want the joy and the stuff. This series has really helped my attitude and enabled me to not focus on what is less than wonderful in my life. I will continue to do my gratitudes morning and night. One day I jumped up and did my usual and delayed my gratitudes until later in the day and it just didn’t feel right. The gratitudes have become my teeth brushing, showering, lotioning for my God-self and are so much a part of me. They make me pause throughout the day and say thank you. This is something I never would have done in the past. Rhonda Byrne’s book, The Magic got me started on the gratitudes, but this program has enhanced their use.

    I thank you again for all the nourishment I have gotten from you and these lessons. I am still at the library at college and must finish my assignment.

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