Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 34

Our consciousness IS our supply. As soon as we can tap into the consciousness, the substance is there for everything we need.

When we get into the lack mentality, if we can recognize that God IS our Source, then we start getting back into the flow. We start reversing the process as soon as we remember, and bring into our consciousness, that God is our Source. It’s a practice and we have to keep on keeping on.

Knowing that God is our Source is the first step. That connects us to the second step. And that to the third. And so on.

Sometimes we need to rely on others who can see our situations more clearly than we can while in the middle of it.

Replacing the capitalized words with ‘Good’ and ‘Joy’ reminds us that the words we use can bring up judgement that allows or blocks our energy, which in turn can allow or block our prosperity. What we focus on grows and increases.

When we know the God in me, I can bring it forth. We then replace the capitalized words with the word ‘money’. It reminds us that what we put out, we bring back in.

I apologize for the cough drop I have in my mouth in the video, but I think that’s better than the coughing you would have had to listen to otherwise.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I have study group this morning and we’re talking about the blind can see. I have had my vision and mental processes changed through these exercises and I am so grateful. This has been almost like going to an Edwene retreat.

    This principle is one of my favorites. I love the energy around it and the feeling that the words create in my consciousness. My trust is building and I feel much more comfortable with my relationship with God then I did when we started.

    My trip to NYC is on Thursday afternoon, plus this is finals week and I have to prepare things around the house for my friend who is coming over to stay with my mom. She does not cook so I have to think of things that my might eat. I also have to finish the database project I have to present to the class on Wednesday night. I was feeling a sense of overhwhelm while in bed until I snapped out of it and decided that Spirit was holding my hand along the way and I would just know what to do, how to do it and when to do it. I am sure by Wednesday night after class I can give a big exhale. I ask for prayer support from the two of you. Love you. I see everything going smoothly and accompanied by lots of laughter.

    • Thank you for your kind words Vivian. You always have our prayers, love and support. I see you completing your finals with ease and grace and feeling confident in your abilities. I see with you the weight lifting off as you complete your Database class, knowing you did all you could do and the lessons you will take with you will serve you in the future. I see your trip to NYC being restful and full of fun and memories. I see your mother Divinely cared for while you are away and see her gaining needed contact with her new caregivers. I see you returning refreshed and restored and ready to tackle what is yours to do. I know that you are Divinely guided at all times and that you are surrounded by love and support, near and far away. Have fun and let your hair down!

    • You have my love, support and prayers Vivian. You will do just fine. I can hear you laughing now 🙂 Love to you, Friend!

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I do know God is my source and my supply….do I ever doubt that? Sometimes I do. There are mundane things I accomplish everyday that run smoothly. The money piece is huge, but God is bigger so I know I need to focus on God, that he does in fact have this and I can move on.

    Do I ever concern myself with the possibility that God is busy somewhere else and might forget about me? No. I think God knows every hair on my head, that my voice radiates an octive that no one else can utter. When I focus on the solution, the problem takes a back seat.

    My source and supply inspire me to do what I need to do to affect change. I am divinely guided. I watched a Joel Osteen video on Sunday that talked about the asking part of receiving. I remember that God’s number is never disconnected or busy or encounters technical difficulties. I will keep doing what I’m doing to develop layers and layers of trust knowing I deserve.

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