Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 31

These statements are sinking into the knowing for us now. We are all special in some way. We are all unique expressions of God.

How do you define lavishness now? Is it different from when we first started this plan? We discuss how the word has changed for us.

This study has helped us appreciate what we have and where we are at now. We have ALL we need inside of us. We don’t have to look outside of us to feel better anymore.

This go around we are changing the capitalized words for the words ‘Good’ and ‘Joy’. I find it hard to consider myself as good. Joy is hard as well because it puts the pressure on me to be joyful all the time. How about you? How do they affect you?

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I love it when you start the video laughing and swatting each other. I love the lavish principle. It suits me on so many levels. I am not talking about my 7 year old car or the age of other things in my possession. I am talking about the opulence, and the richness of my daily existence. I am lavish because I am so blessed in so many ways. I am totally in touch with my gratitude and every day there are 20 reasons why I am grateful so it is in my frontal lobe daily. If on some future date I find myself with boatloads of money and material riches, I will still say that am no more lavish than today. My existence is simplistic. My kids are on their own and responsible and well loved by their community. I have done good as a mom.

    I used to think lavish was Nordstrom’s or Neiman Marcus or Mercedes. Now I think of lavish as nice hand soap or my Mary Kay facial or my microfiber bedsheets. I see lavish everywhere in my life. Thank you God for the things you took away, the things you give me daily and the future bounty that is waiting for me to discover.

    • You are such a good friend Vivian, that I couldn’t imagine you NOT being a great Mom! I am working on clearing out what is cluttering my vision of the lavishness in my life. It is amazing how I can lose sight of how lavish my life is when I can only see the clutter. I am just now in awareness of this concept.

      I used to think lavish was something I could never reach. I am glad I have finally wised up to the fact that I have had it all along. 😉

  2. Not feeling particularly lavish today.
    At the same time, I do recognize that this work has changed my thinking. My go to is that I will have what I need when I need it instead of my go to being lack. That’s pretty cool. It’s like my foundational premise being abundance shifts the way I move through the world. And I kind of assume that everyone else has this idea too and realize often that they do not.
    The affirmation, I choose to live in trust, comes to mind.
    I choose to trust that God is the unfailing reality of me. I choose to trust that all is as it should be.
    I choose to live in trust that I am ok as I am. It doesn’t have to feel true to be true.
    Another thing that helps me is remembering that when I am in a HALT, hungry angry lonely tired, everything seems bigger, badder and less true.
    I choose to remember that I can trust God and thus myself in these times too.
    Thanks ladies.

  3. Vivian Miller says

    My other computer is in shop. Crazy day. I viewed video and made comment from my phone, but I didn’t see it under recent postings.

    I Reality of me is Lavish Abundance. I see Abundance everywhere because I have been doing my gratitude list 2 times a day so I am constantly in touch with the prosperity that embraces my life. I acknowledge the simplest things that support my day to day existence from the coffee I might drink to the lovely soap I wash my face with. This principal is totally comfortable for me. I will not slack off because there is no resistance to this idea. I know I have to guard the gate to the door of my illusions and stay on track.

    Thank you for today.

    • Vivian,

      I want you to know how much you have inspired me on this journey. Your comments are so authentic and honest and I truly love that about you. Thank you for being a part of my journey and helping me to see so many things in a different way. Sending you lots and lots of love today.

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