Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 30

My, my have things changed since we started this! Repetition seems to be the key. It drives it deep into the subconscious so that we don’t think about this.

The activity of God is in constant activity even though we don’t see it. We are definitely manifesting things around us, but even so, our inner lives have changed as well. We don’t look for constant approval and cheerleading from someone else like we used to before we started these studies. We have found a new confidence.

We are using different filters than we used before and fewer filters. We have changed what we pay attention to as well. We are more selective. When we put good in, we get good out.

We are moving through our ‘soup’ much quicker now. The drama is a waste of time. What soup or Whose soup are you in?

We can’t help a poor person by becoming poorer. Or a sick person by becoming sick. The best thing we can do is to be positive.

Separating our service from the money we receive helps us with our positive mindset. Even in our jobs. We do what we do for the joy of serving. The money that God provides is a separate issue.

As we grow, our relationships will change. Everything changes.

Please share your insights and ideas below. We love being fed by you. And share this with your friends! We want to get even more new perspectives!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Hard to believe its day 30. I place my faith in the principal of abundance in action within me. I feel so much better than I felt January 1st when this whole process started. I really focus on God and the mission we are on rather than worldly stuff. I gave up the political drama because it was pushing my fear buttons big time. I am watching more National Geo and Discovery Channels and Animal Planet.

    Lisabeth, I too needed someone to cheer me on. I needed a comrade in whatever I was doing. That is not the case today and hasn’t been for quite a while. Sometime when I share something someone starts asking questions about it. One of the academic advisors started questioning me yesterday about faith and my gratitude and pulled out a pen and started making notes. I thought that was unusual because it was a guy. Oh well maybe my light gives someone permission in their minds to let their light shine.

    Back to the needing someone piece….it feels so good to not need that anymore. I do make an attempt to be positive and am successful most of the time. If I do slink into negativity, I quickly change my speech. Sometime someone is complaining about something and I step on the hose before I know what happened.
    These awarenesses are wonderful.

    • I look at the difference between your post just a few months ago and the one now and the growth is something to be proud of….bravo!

      We all need the village….hopefully one that is cheering, but a village all the same. Glad to be part of your clan! 🙂

  2. Vivian Miller says

    Awareness, understanding and knowing are key to realizing this process works. Since this is the 30th day, I feel so much better about money and my new trust muscles. The 30 days of writing gratitudes morning and night have put me in touch with how much I have.

    The idea that God’s got this and I don’t have to worry is such a powerful idea. I used to think I had to have a man in my life as my backup. Funny but I got stuck in the driveway on my way to tutoring my little ones and I had to use my back to dig myself out. I was a little perplexed when I didn’t get undug right away, but I kept at it and finally got out. It was in the moment of stillness and silence that I connected and knew I would be fine. Gotta thinking maybe I needed a couple bags of kitty litter to get traction. Finally got out after a number of tries and realized that is the energy taken for any task.

    I met with the department head at school yesterday to make sure I was on track to graduate. I am an Information Systems major. She wants to put me in an internship program either in a law office or Sherwin Williams, etc. She told me she had a Ph.D. in German Literature when she made her stumble into the IT world and look at her now. So I love that God exposed me to her so I could hear her story.

    Trust is amazing in knowing that at just the right time, place and circumstance the shift will appear for our highest good. Think I will add the word “trust” to my gratitude statements.

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