Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 3

Today’s Principle is about our consciousness of the Inner Presence as our abundance. We have everything we need on the inside to be, do and have anything we want to be, do and have. My outer world is a reflection of my inner world. When I spend more time improving my inner life, the outer life improves.

We also talk about our Mind of infinite Prosperity which connects us all together. What I do affects others. What I think affects others. We are all connected.

This awareness of God in our lives fills us with the Light of Truth. All things are made known. Nothing is hidden from us. Everything is working together for our good. All knowledge is ours. We have all power and knowledge inside of us.

Even through the distraction of the ringing phone, we managed to hold it together and talk about some really good stuff today!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Lavish Abundance and Infinite Prosperity are states of mind that I run to in order to feel a sense of comfort. I understand the internal well of prosperity that inhabits my body and that my understanding and knowing that will always be there is a delightful thought.

    I started my day with my ten gratitudes as a reminder of all that I have and how I am taken care of every step of the way. I was uncertain about my final exam but at the end of the day it got done and uploaded to the professor. I am amazed at the end of each day how things just fell in place. The trust is building. I will keep doing my disciplines knowing I am building some strong spiritual muscle.

    This is good stuff.

  2. This goes along with what Carmie is saying, but with todays teaching I am reminded how no matter what I am doing God, or Abudance or the activity of the Mind of infinite Prosperity is always there, no matter if I am aware or not…….that is a reassuring thought to me. All I have to do is become aware, to wake up to that conciousness!

    • I agree Heather. It’s nice to know that God doesn’t move… I do! He is constant, always there, unfailing, forever Abundance. I am the one who gets in and out of alignment with Him, not the other way around. Nice to know there is a standard to measure against that never changes or moves. Thank God we aren’t trying to hit a moving target.

  3. Vivian Miller says

    I really liked the practice today. The discussion about how your inner world needs to expand and then your outer world will follow suit kind of blew my mind. The statement that my consciousness is filled with the Light of Truth also resonated with me. These statements are like the 2×4 on the forehead. Working on my inner or becoming aware, knowing and understanding is huge for me.

    My steady trek on the inner path can certainly change everything in my life. I never looked at everything as a blessing. I think there are times I have talked it, but not walked it.

    Perhaps the sleepwalking analogy is an accurate description. One of the songs we sing in Unity is “I am alive alert and awake.” I will sing that as I go about my day and the awareness of my inner Abundance.

    • This concept was the hardest for me to grasp when I first started going to a Unity Church. The idea that my reality was the product of what I had going on in my inner world was a hard one to swallow. The more I looked, however, the more proof I found. I started making changes on the inside and my outside began to take shape. I wasn’t convinced until someone I worked with remarked that whatever I was doing was working. When I asked what she meant, she said,”I can’t put my finger on it but all the negative people in here change when you come in.”

      I knew that I was being changed at depth. I knew my attitude had changed and my surroundings had changed. Then I noticed that the people around me began to react. Some avoided me like the plague, others couldn’t say enough. It was enough to convert a skeptic like me!

      So my walk began LONG before I was awake enough to notice. Thank God I was sleepwalking. I hate to think I could still be stuck there!

  4. Thank you Cassandra and Carmie for your thoughts and observations! It is this kind of interaction that keeps us in a practice of the principles that we choose to follow. Thank you both for helping us build our Spiritual muscles!

  5. I feel that the consciousness is what I am resonating with this week. The gift in a study like this is the commitment to stay in the consciousness of it. When you allow yourself to take the time to examine these thoughts every day you remain in the conscious state. So many times in my life I come to a place of sleepwalking. I feel that sometimes I will just slumber out of the practice. When I am in this state of sleep walking a situation always comes up that bumps me back onto the path. I then wonder how I could have ever taken a detour. For me it really is about allowing myself to take the time to stay on track with these truths. The unfoldment for me is not the knowing of truth it is remaining in the practice of knowing. The practice has to become habit just like brushing your teeth. I would never dream of leaving the house without brushing my teeth. I would never dream of leaving the house without working with these principals. Thank you Cindy and Lizabeth for hosting such a wonderful event.

    • I love the terminology you use here “sleepwalking”! I’ve been calling it living by default, instead iof consciously creating my day! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I am experiencing the comfort of strength & truth as I listen to this one! Wow-o-wow, Cindy do you ever “got” it! I’ve had to listen/watch this one a few times because you ladies took it to a whole new beautiful level!

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