Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 29

We don’t need anything else. We have God inside. This is our most favorite principle.

We appreciate all comments, emails, tithes and participation in this Feeding Friend-zy. You are helping us to really understand and know these principles so that we can move them into our subconscious mind. Working together we can help raise the prosperity consciousness as a collective whole.

God’s got this. We are right where we are supposed to be.

We talk about the difference in our lives now that we don’t have regular 9 to 5 jobs. We are thankful for our time freedom. We are thankful that we decided to work for joy and service instead of money by turning the money over to God. We finally separated the act of serving and the act of receiving money. Our money doesn’t always come from where we serve. We give God permission to send the money through any avenue or vehicle that He wants.

We try to answer the question, “How do I get in alignment.” We think it’s probably different for each person, but we explain what works best for us.

Replacing the capitalized words with ‘Love’, helps us to realize that we are love and love pours forth from us easily and effortlessly. We don’t have to work at love. We have to work at holding it in. We just have to get out of the way.

Replacing those words with our own names gives us a sense of pride. It helps us to remember to get the little ‘cindy’ out of the way so the big, perfect, true, authentic ‘Cindy’ can shine through.

Please add your perspectives below so that we can see things through new eyes. We value your insights. Also, share this video with a friend so that we can get their perspectives as well.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I love alignment, but right now it makes me think of my tires. Back to me, staying in alignment is not a chore. I know what works and that is getting enough sleep, relaxation periodically, occasionally underdoing, giving peace a chance. When that is my perspective, I can flow like a river and I love it. When my room gets messy and I don’t open mail (fear) I know there is time to suck it up and transform my surroundings. Being in alignment is a beautiful thing. The degree to which I am quiet and peaceful are symbols of my inner stability.

    I did hear back from professor and we will meet this week. He says right now I have 82% on the last quiz and he thinks I am doing fine if I complete the final project. Lord, Jesus I know I will be fine in the end, but the claw marks are bloody letting go.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    This was a good lesson today. Funny, I always hesitate not knowing whether to refer to them as lessons, practices, exercises.

    Alignment is not a chore for me. I treasure my alone time for clarity. Sometime in order to get my “connection” I pull off to the side of the road and just stop. I look at my ducks and think of what there is that needs to be done, what needs to be done today and what can be put off until I am in that part of town or doing another errand that would be compatible with the thing I just put off. Just listening when someone is speaking is another way to get in alignment. Writing my gratitude list twice a day is another alignment exercise.

    The Activity of Divine Prosperity is eternally operating in my life. I look at this journey as a process and that there are unseen forces out there working in my best interest. I don’t have to worry, question, ponder or be disheartened. All things work for good in spite of appearances. Its is all good. It is all God.

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