Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 27

Today we talk a lot about alignment. We use a couple of analogies to help express our perceptions of being in alignment.

it isn’t our job to make everything in the Universe work like it’s supposed to work. It’s works whether we are aware and in alignment or not. Our only job is to be aware of these laws and do what’s ours to do.

We rely on our Guidance to let us know what is ours to do. We share how we know when our Guidance is leading us or not.

Switching out the words adds more action and personalizes it more for us. It points out, again, that we are the only thing that puts limits on ourselves – we have more than enough love to spurt all over everyone unless we tamp it down, limit it or stuff it.

We are enough. God is enough. Love is enough. I am enough. I AM enough.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Sometime the letting go is out of pure exhaustion of trying to be in the driver’s seat. I definitely know when I am not in alignment. At times I thought I was doing o.k. but something comes along to remind me I need more rest or need to eat differently (which I have been thinking about). I don’t take on responsibility for anyone except my mom occasionally, but there are some areas where I just back off. There is a feeling that comes with just sitting back and letting God do what God does best.

    I think this dialogue is so essential to have because as mothers and particularly if we had husbands who just brought the paycheck home, we found ourselves having to do way more than we wanted to do. To scale back and look out for ourselves was a murky reality. I am so glad to be here in a position at times of watching others learn their alignment lessons until its my turn again.

    I agree with you Lisabeth that sometimes I am all up in it when I occurs to me is that it wasn’t mine to do. I quickly step back and throw both hands up and say, God its yours.

    • I wonder if we surrendered it in the beginning if exhaustion would become a thing of the past? I am glad you are with us and have been through some of this before we have. Your insight is invaluable to me. I think that we have to ‘get all up in it’ sometimes before we figure out whether or not it is ours to do. Trial and error is what this life is about.

  2. I was confused as to how to align myself with our God source. I felt that it required me conjuring up all the forced energy I could but it is actually a simple process – you get inspired, you take action, you enjoy what you’re doing, doesn’t require a lot of effort or you somehow find the positive energy to do it and then go with the flow and the universe takes care of the rest. I’ve also found it won’t work if you’re not truly passionate about the thing you desire. You know you are in alignment when it is Truly your heart’s desire.

    • Thanks for sharing with us Monica. We value your input. I totally agree with your insight and have experienced both the alignment and being out of alignment. You’d think I’d learn by now how to just stay in alignment most of the time. It really is simple. But, some days it seems darn near impossible too. It certainly helps when others are along for the journey with you! Thanks for being a part of our journey.

  3. Vivian Miller says

    I think living in alignment has been rather easy for me since being laid off. I can ask for guidance, pause and then move on or stop based on my inner communication. I seem to be able to discern when to hold, when to fold and when to walk.

    This principle is warmly received.

    • Vivian Miller says

      the other part of alignment which I was thinking about yesterday (its 1:40 am is the ease with which I know when its God’s business to handle. I have struggled with this concept for a long time and happily I can let things go and remind myself that I can walk away. I don’t have to strong-arm a situation to get it the way I “think” I want it to be. There is such ease and comfort in throwing your hands up in the air so to speak and accepting that you’re done here and need to lay it at the altar so to speak.

      I am doing this very easily and I remember a slogan from 12-step programs. Two things to remember–there is a God and it ain’t me or you.

    • Great points Vivian. I don’t know about you, this concept seems backwards but true; I find it easier to get into and stay in alignment with the Principles when I have very little. You would think it would be easier in times of seeming plenty…something to think about.

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