Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 26

I finally got it! I finally got past my block with this principle on unfulfilled needs and desires!

We have a really good discussion today about desires. Our dear friend CC Veazey joins us for part of the conversation today and really opens our eyes and gives us new ways to look at things.

Desire is part of the manifestation process. CC’s example of a pregnancy really helped me to get past my block about unfulfilled desires.

We talk about why things take time to manifest and what we can do to make that time shorter or at least, perceive the time it takes differently. Once we’ve placed our ‘order’, it’s just going to take time based on our delivery system. We use our five senses to verify the manifestation and for that, it takes time.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    On the computer lab computer and just wrote a nice comment (long) forgot to put in my name and address and hit the submit button and lost everything I typed. O.k. start over. My mom says no one can close a door God has opened. That seems appropriate when we consider what appear to be obstacles. I think sometime perhaps we’re not ready for what we want and that is why we don’t have it yet.

    Listen I am about to crack the homework code here at school. I wanted to hear you guys before I started to muster some inspiration. I am Inspired. I am a powerful woman who walked on fire about 8 times. I should fear nothing.

    Today I say, BRING IT ON!!!

  2. Vivian Miller says

    CC’s input really clarified the idea of unfulfilled desires and the manifestation process. I never considered the time element and that my order has been placed, but there might be processes that need to occur before I see it in appearance.

    This was a great video. I think sometime what I might want might not be the best thing for me and so not getting that thing is a good thing. Relationships that ended were a good thing no matter how painful the ending might have been or the self-imposed punishment used as the cause of the breakup.

    Excited to see what unfolds as I continue.

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