Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 25

Today we discuss how we deal with the panic that often hits all of us with money. We also discuss how that’s changed over the last 25 days or so. We look at how are thinking has changed over the past couple of months.

The moment we realize that God is our Source, we’ve wrapped our hand around our supply. We are getting better at letting the thought come and go more quickly each time.

We get negative thoughts out of our mind by either replacing the stinking thinking with the Truth, changing the thought to a better one, or focusing on something else entirely. The best way is to recognize the real Truth of the situation which is always that ‘God is our Source’.

Expect God to provide more. The more we expect, the better we feel. The better we feel, the more peace and harmony exists in our lives.

We talk about the time delay between what we’ve ordered in the past and what we have coming in the future. We live somewhere in between and we need to make the changes in the present to put more energy in to create more energy in the future.

Replacing the words with love and our names helps us to see how our passions create our supply. We have everything within us to more than provide for our every need. It also shows us the responsibility we have in taking action to create the lives of our dreams!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I think I have made being aware, understanding and knowing a part of my daily ritual. That is so important in moving to another way of existing in our “r” reality. Sometimes there are delays between each step. I often have to mull something over after I become aware. Understanding can take even longer because I get analytical and sometime question my understanding. Eventually I settle in and relax knowing it is all God. That is such an amazing place to be.

    I am still struggling with this class. I am aware of that. I don’t understand my stumbling block. I am so far behind in my homework and now with this “adjusted” school computer I cannot open the professor’s postings to get the homework completed. I don’t know what format they’re in other than Access. This is Friday and there is no one at the school I can call. Ugggh! I don’t get this at all, but I am not quitting. I will stand in my truth and just know I will get what I need to know when I need to know it. My average is 3.9 now. I don’t know what it will be after this class, but I will not slink into shame over this.

    I feel slightly annoyed, but I am not defined by this hurdle.

    • As you know, awareness, understanding and knowing are a process. Sometimes it can take days, weeks, months or years. We have eternity I figure so I might as well relax into it. 🙂

      Suggestion: Most professors at the college here give out an email address where they can be reached. They usually list it in their class syllabus. Perhaps you could send your professor an email explaining the difficulty you are having and see if he/she can suggest other options. (IE; give you another program to try and open it, send it to you via email, etc.) I don’t know what you mean by “adjusted”, so I am at a loss there.

      You are not defined by grades. Keep trying, you are doing great and you have a whole cheerleading section with you. Love you! Lizabeth

      • Vivian Miller says

        The school laptop I rented had a touchpad that needed adjusting–it was too sensitive or something. the cursor was jumping all over the place. In fact, they discovered this adjustment needed to be made on all the laptops. So now that that is adjusted and now working fine, I try to log on to access the documents the prof attached and there is a restriction that won’t allow the document that supports the textbook to open. I came to school today to work in the computer lab and went to the student center and had one of the techie kids look at it and she couldn’t open it either and thinks the professor limited the accessibility to some of those documents to computer lab computers. Anyway, I have two more weeks of this and if I have to drive out here everyday for things to run smoothly, I will. Lesson learned. In the digital world things don’t always pan out the way we want, but in the end its all good. I sure have learned some nuances of the school and made some new relationships. I sure know how to ask for what I need. I’ll tell you that.

      • Vivian Miller says

        Sending you another envelope. You should have it Tuesday. I love this whole process we have. I’ve been meaning to see how far Bowling Green is from Cleveland. We have a Bowling Green in Ohio.

        • Thank you. I love this process too. It has helped me immeasurably and I love widening my circle of friends. We would love to have you visit with us if you ever decide to venture south Vivian. The welcome mat is out.

          I see the “problems” you are having with your class resolving and your growth from it not being measured by a grade alone. I congratulate you on your courage to tough it out and wrangle the blessing from it!

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I find that some lessons on certains resonate more than others. That is the case with A Course in Miracles or Daily Word. I will not judge it. This is my observation. I loved the reading for today. It is right on point with me. Money is not my supply. God is my supply. That is a beautiful concept and resonates deeply. Now my little “r” reality is cussing and fussing over in the corner of my mind, but it will not have a voice in this conversation.

    The negative thought that pops in our heads often in the morning when we’re not busy doing other things is a situation that everyone deals with. I have learned to quickly substitute that thought with another thought of God. My responsibility is to not let that negative thought grow roots. I am good at substitution. Sometimes the thought will try to find another inroad. I block it again and then I move on to do something positive.

    About my new journal….I want to deepen my ability to ingest the material in this practice so I have decided to do some things different. I am excited about the changes I have implemented and know that my consciousness will respond accordingly. I am the common denominator in all of this and if I want changes, I have to change my attitude and that changes everything. It all begins with a thought…..

    • I love your thought about being the “common denominator in all of this”. That is one that really speaks to me. I also agree with you that there are certain lessons that resonate more than others. I find that what I need to hear in the moment will come and when I am ready for the rest, it will come again.

  3. So, I choose to stay aware of the Love within me, I recognize how much there is and I witness how easy it is for me to share it. This is the magic that we all have inside of us and I believe it to be an important ingredient for my manifestation of prosperity. The money flows as easy as the Love. In astrology, Love and Money are both ruled by the same planet, Venus because of the similarity.

  4. I had a great aha today! I realized that as I become more aware, understand and know the amount of Love I have inside of me that I know is there for me to share with the world, that feeling is also God and the supply that is available to move through me and manifest in my life. Good stuff… thanks so much, I appreciate you.

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