Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 24

It’s Lizabeth’s time to have an ‘AHA’ moment. She realizes that she can take out the middle man – her Christ-Self – between her and God. Her Christ-Self IS God. She still felt a separateness from God that she didn’t realize.

We still have our moments of panic, be we don’t worry about money like we used to worry. We are truly believing, on a gut level, that God is our Source. Our Supply is so much more than money now – it’s whatever we need in the moment, such as a phone call or a hug.

Lizabeth also talks about her rough weekend and how these principles have helped. It’s not just about trusting God with money. It’s also about trusting God with everything and everyone in our lives.

In this video, we talk about how we deal with our emotions differently than we used to before this study. Using the word ‘Love’ in this principle really helped us with this one. Using our names was enlightening as well. Love is always working in us, as us, and through us. We have everything within us that we need. We also consider replacing these words with someone’s name who we are having trouble with in our little ‘r’ reality.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    God as me is quite a concept. I sure would like to think of myself the way God does. I would like to have the confidence in my potential the way he does. I cannot see beyond the flaws or at least some of them. Getting out of the way is a challenge or certainly something I have to work through. I don’t want to have a Plan B. I want God to be my A,B and C.

    Lisabeth, I have been meaning to comment about your son moving with his father. I know there is a miracle in there somewhere. My son went to Sweden to live when he was 16 and that was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but I knew I didn’t want to stand in the way of his personal growth and it was his decision. He is the child I am very closest to. There is a letting go that needs to occur in our parenting and I think when we don’t take it personally, but grieve and focus on Spirit we eventually hurt less and less. Who knew some of the steps we need to take on the way to wearing Big Girl Panties. You have the power within you to endure this disappointment. It is a process and I hope you give yourself the pampering you need and not let it stifle your power. Don’t let this bubble on your path hinder your ability to be a testimony for what God can do. Can’t have a testimony without a test. I don’t know if this was the right thing to say, but it was what I felt. Love you and want you to dig down in your spiritual tool chest and find a tool that keeps the ego thoughts in check.

    Replacing the words with someone we’re having trouble with….now that’s a twist. I’m not really having difficulty with anyone, but maybe I can unearth someone from my past. Interesting proposal!!!

    • Thank you so much Vivian for taking the time to honor me once again, with your thoughts and wisdom. God speaks to me through you, as you, quite often and I am so grateful that you are willing to share what has been laid upon your heart.

      I can honestly say I don’t know how you did it but it sure would be ten times harder on me if my son had moved to another country! His father lives about 5 miles from me but I haven’t heard from him much in the last month. I am trying to honor his decision and give him space but it is difficult. I have grieved the loss (I did honor myself and do that) but it creeps back up and bites me occasionally. I know his path is not mine but letting him go at the age of 11 was certainly sooner than “I” had planned.

      I am using the tools in my spiritual tool box and am adding to it daily. Yeah God! It helps to know I am not alone in this and that I have such wonderful people around me to remind me that what is, just is and it is all good. I bless my son daily and will be here when he needs me again.

      Thank you friend.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I am having trouble substituting my name within the reading. I will watch video again and work on my acceptance.

    Had harrowing driving experience going to school this morning and nerves still a little ragged. I will rewatch the video and comment.

  3. This was by far my favorite video of you two so far. What was shared today is very close to my heart, and I too have learned that I can hold Love and Light no matter what is happening. Yes, there is still emotion and as you called it, the “bounce back happens quickly”. We return to the memory and the awareness, understanding and knowing of Love. God Bless you both.

    • What wonderful thoughts. Thank you Eileen for sharing them. One of the reasons I feel so moved to do this is because I so desperately need to learn. I am glad that I am not the only one that feels these things. It makes it easier to know we aren’t alone. Although it was a difficult lesson, I am glad that I chose to grow through it instead of just going through it.

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