Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 23

In today’s video we are discussing how WE are lavish abundance and how our definition of abundance has changed throughout this study. We want to treat money like air, where just don’t think about running out or worry about it. We take what we need and leave the rest. We don’t feel a lack.

We aren’t after the money, it’s the things the money can buy – it’s the feelings that those things bring to us. If we can get the feeling without buying the things or having the money, then we never really needed the money.

When we trust God with the ‘how’, we don’t have to worry anymore. It’s not that our financial situation has really changed that much, our feelings surrounding our finances have changed and our trust in God has changed. God’s got this. And when we know that and believe that, nothing else really matters.

Does it bother you when others get upset or mad at you? Our trust in God and staying in alignment more often has helped us to work through this fear.

Changing the words to ‘Love’ and ‘Lizabeth’ has given us even more insight in this video. We still have a little trouble seeing ourselves as lavish. Do you?

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Interesting that my note from the Universe said, “When it seems your wings have suddenly and unexpectedly been clipped, maybe, just maybe, there’s more to learn by staying where you are. Maybe not. Tally ho”

    I looked at my attitude yesterday as one I’d like the locusts to eat and get rid of. I generally don’t wake up feeling out of sorts, but my obsession with this class did a number on me. Today I focus on the inner presence which is my Lavish Abundance and that is all I need to obsess about. My lesson from the Course said I see only the past when I am in fear. That is so true.

    Today I choose to focus on the fact that God’s got this no matter how it may look. I need to remember that I want my consciousness to be filled with the Light of Truth, not the illusions that I default to. Climbing the Everest to enlightenment.

    • Just a thought: Perhaps you need to look at your expectations of yourself? Are you holding yourself to an expectation that you cannot meet for this class?

      I used to love to roller skate. I also loved it when they played “games” on the skate floor during the session. I didn’t participate in them however because I couldn’t contort my body to glide under the broom stick for the limbo. I refused to take part in the rest of the fun because I had an expectation that was higher than I could accomplish.

      This may be off-target but I was led to say it. (I added the link cause I enjoyed it and I thought it might make you smile. ) 🙂

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I never looked at lavish Abundance as anything other than all the so-called goodies that I have wanted over the years. My new consideration is that my life is lavish Abundance. Everything that I presently have is abundant. I never thought of my wonderful bed as lavish or the comfort of my covers when I cuddle up with my dog. I never thought of the lavish, but simplicity of my warm shower. I am making a new association with my world and the lavishness of it all.

    Initially, I wanted money when I started this practice. I think what I want now more than money is the peace of living without worrying about acquiring the money. I think sometime what would it be like if all I ever had is what I have now. I would not be disappointed I don’t think. I just want to be happy without that grabbing mentality. When I look at the things I have, I kind of know I just need to shut up and take it all in with a loud Thank You.

    I am thnking of ways I can take this practice and “wear it” throughout the day. Working on that. I did pick up a new journal this morning. i never finished a new journal purchased for January 1 intentions in less than a month. I don’t think I have ever even filled a journal Don’t know why I am so excited to start a new one. Very colorful with butterflies from the good old Dollar Store. Life is good. Still working on trust. I am seeking the light of truth and trust.

    The statement, “God’s got this” feels good.

    • You thoughts make me feel so good tonight. You have put into words the peace, quiet contentment and good feeling that accompanies me to my comfortable bed in my warm home. Thank you for sharing so much and so often. You remind me that we affect each other in big ways but we have the opportunity to affect each other in small ways that mean so much more.

      I share your thoughts. I wanted to increase my supply of money which was the initial push to keep the commitment to the 40 days. I have received so much more that I know my supply will and does come to me in so many ways that money seems the “cheapest” or least important way. I am so thankful for my continual awakening. I feel ‘smarter’ or dare I say, wiser than I ever have before. I love this life.

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