Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 22

Today we discuss that these statements are becoming more and more a part of our lives. We can almost say the statements by heart and we are relying on these principles more quickly as an awareness, understanding and knowing. Practice and observation help make these principles more of a reality.

As long as we had a plan B we didn’t have to trust God. In this video we talk about getting rid of plan B and hitting rock bottom before we could completely trust God. We have to get to that point that we will completely trust God before we have true knowing. We get to decide where that rock bottom is. As soon as we start trusting God, things start turning around and we’ve chosen our rock bottom.

When we have nothing left to lose, then we have everything to gain. If you are aware, understand and KNOW that you don’t have to get to that point to trust God, then you don’t have to hit rock bottom or lose everything.

We are working on walking on faith WITHOUT having to get to the ledge first. We now ask, what limits am I putting on You, God? We want to quit stepping on our own hose.

Changing the words for God to ‘Love’ and our own names really helps drive this one home. It shows us that not only are the Beatles geniuses but that we have a lot of responsibility in this process. We shouldn’t avoid asking for help when we need it. We get to choose how this story ends! A really good discussion today.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Knowing that God has my best interest at heart is heart stopping. At times in the quiet there is that temptation to move toward fear, but I don’t give in to it and just repeat to myself that God’s got this. I think it interesting the way we put our human father’s qualities and characteristics on God and expect him to fall short in the same way. Or, we raise the bar so high and with a defiant grunt say Now Do That! I know that my vision of “r”eality is very marginalized and that I cannot rely on what I see or my interpretation of what is. The Divine Presence I AM is the source and substance of all my good. I know that is true.

    I have traveled some miles on the road of trust and am feeling closer to just letting it go with the firm conviction that God does have this.

    • This one principle did more for me. It made God a personal caregiver and not the raging tyrant that I was raised to fear. My earthly father was a raging tyrant and I was led to believe that the God that was in church on Sunday was even worse than him. That thought alone gave me nightmares.

      It has taken many years to even approach the God of my childhood and that fact that I can now see and experience that Spirit in me, through me, as me, is nothing short of a miracle.

      God has this.

      • Vivian Miller says

        Funny this morning I was obsessing about failing the database class and really putting myself in a sate of hopeless. I did my gratitudes and quickly the knowing came that I would be fine, that it was
        God’s to correct and that I would be fine. It looks pretty dim right now, but I feel optimistic. My lack of understanding has led to my falling behind in my homework. I am powerful and only have two more weeks to go until the class is over and I can move on. I am a straight A student, but am baffled. I know there is a miracle in this situation. I TRUST that God will bring me through this and I feel relaxed.

        My message was not to give up, but to persevere and it will result in whatever it does. Our former church secretary is staying with my mom so I can travel to NY to attend my son’s wedding. When I focus on what I have rather than dwell on a situation I am struggling through, it seems meaningless. I haven’t felt the way I felt this morning for a really long time, but as soon as I got to tutor my little ones and focus on serving them, I felt better. One of my review lessons in the Course in Miracles this morning was, “I have given what I see all the meaning it has for me.” That explains it. AMEN

        • We all run across challenges that test us. Don’t give up Vivian. You may not master this class but you will get what you need from it and that isn’t necessarily an A. I have told my children since they began receiving grades that it is not the grade but the effort that is put into it that gains my attention. I know you know this but sometimes we need to hear it again. When I was going through college, I worked my butt off to get a C in a Calculus class. I couldn’t have been more proud if I had gotten the A. I have no doubt of the effort you employ and just because you don’t master this class on the first pass doesn’t mean you have failed. You just have not mastered it yet.

          Relax knowing that you are doing what is yours to do and you will be shown the next step. I have faith in you and know you are following your guidance.

          Love and light to you and with you.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    Here I am with this trust thing. Well I am going to ask God to help direct me through the spaces of feeling to need to have my own back. I will ask Spirit to show me that I can release the clenched fists and just trust.

    I want to let go and let God and trust with all my heart and soul because that’s all I have. I want the feeling of just knowing God is there, always has been and always will be. I do not have a Plan B and I don’t want to hit rock bottom for me to trust.

    Working on it today!

    • I challenge you to ask God for help with changing the “I wants” to “I wills”. I had to let go of the “want to” before I could begin trusting. I found that trust is an action word and not a passive thought or feeling. I had to let go before I found the trust. I took baby steps. I am still taking baby steps. You can have everything you desire. Keep on, keeping on Vivian!

      • Vivian Miller says

        Thank you, Lisabeth for that. Trust seems like such a massive effort (which thinking this is a trick of the ego) that I cannot get there. I am determined to stick with this program until I have a shift in consciousness. I knew I had trust issues before this exercise and kept telling myself that, but didn’t realize the importance of letting it go.

        Think I’ll buy another journal and do some writing work on the trust. I am willing to let go of my issues since they don’t serve me at all. I have used up a whole new journal and the month is not over yet. Buying a new journal tomorrow and putting pen to paper. I’m thinking I need to devote some meditation time to asking for help.

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