Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 21

Today we talk about God’s lavish abundance again. God’s lavishness has become more personal for us since we’ve started this plan. How about you? Do you see God’s lavishness differently?

We’ve noticed God’s lavishness in more things in our life. We see lavishness in our time, in the sunrise or sunset, in the flowers, in all things around us. It’s not just about our money, but in our supply.

We talk about what has changed in our lives since we’ve started this study. Our definition of God has changed. Has yours?

We use the word ‘Love’ instead of God for the capitalized words. We also use our own name in there and encourage you to do the same. It brought up some things that I hadn’t thought about before. Love has many different meanings and I realized that I need to think through God’s lavish love for me a bit to see the Truth in that statement. Love means different things to different people. We find it hard to see ourselves as ‘love’.

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Just lost everything I wrote. I am surrounded by lavishness. It might be the towels I use or the soap I wash with. My gratitude transfers everything to lavieshness.

    I don’t look forward to this study ending. It has become my rudder during my daily sojourn. I am so grateful and that is my mantra. Infinite Prosperity individualized as me. The reality of me. That s ays it all. I never fully assessed my Power. I had not given much thought to my potential. I am not able to see the things I could have accomplished.

    Right now I am basking in the gifts I have been given.

    • I love your new mantra. It is simple and says it all. You are so right. Our gratitude turns everything to lavishness. I am just starting to work with this consciously and it is delicious!

  2. I’m still working on some level with this idea of lavishness. I have to say I have come pretty far since the last time! It reminds me of how it was when we first moved here to Kansas and I had to drive around and get to places. I was just happy to get from A to B at first,an for awhile actually. Now after some time here and going to places over and over I am able to slow down and see what is actually around me. Like ” oh look Ben an Jerry’s, oh and there is such and such on the way to the library, or oh the mall and thevyo-yo store are just right there! I am able to explore and know this place I call home at a deeper level. It is the same with going through these steps. I felt happy and smiled as I read the word lavish thus time I alook forward to knowing this idea more, examining it from all it’s facets, and I could put my name in place of God, etc. more readily than I would have in the beginning. Loving this practice. I am not working formally out of the home, I’m just not excited or have a lot of energy for doing my usual work. It’s been a bit if an up and down feeling about this. I feel a lot of the time that I don’t really know what I want to do. I love how you talk about nudges– that helps and I have been acting on a few of those!

    • I am amazed Heather at your ability to adapt to a completely new life in such a short period of time and still be able to keep your sanity! LOL We are living the lavish life because of the choices we have. I’m glad you are finding the lavish in your life too. Good Stuff!

  3. Vivian Miller says

    I never thought of “lavish” in terms of time, nature or non-materially. I will take that thought and use it in a different way.

    Thank you for that. I am on day 1 again. Interesting. I carry my book with me everyday so I am armed for the negativity that might try to ease into my lavish abundant thinking.

    There was some sunshine today, but there was also a lot of overcast. The snow is dirty now, but maybe a reason to raise my eyes up. Perhaps I can say we’re having a lavish winter.

    Lisabeth, I want to get rid of that “gotta have a paycheck” thought.

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