Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 20

We had a friend who decided to text Lizabeth about a gazillion times which added to our conversation today about not judging something that happens as good or bad. We will just pull the energy from the situation and use that energy for good, regardless of the intent of the original energy, if any. When we judge, we get in God’s way.

We are trying to not become too spiritual to be any good for anyone but to intertwine and balance the spiritual in our daily life. We are trying to keep our focus off ‘this world’ but to focus on God being our Source and Supply.

Go sit on your rock and talk to God, but be ready to get knocked off when life happens. That may just be God calling your attention to something or someone that needs what you can give.

Replacing the capitalized words with ‘God’ and ‘Energy’ really brings it all home that everything is about God/Energy and full of God/Energy. There is no judgement, just Energy. There is no judgement, just God.

Please share your comments and feedback on these statements in the comment section below so that we can see things from a different perspective. Also, please share this with your friends so we can add their perspectives to the mix too!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Big R little r. Oh the distractions that lay in my wake. I find myself never far away from my source.
    And I like it that way. I have to remain alert to not let the ego voice get my
    attention. It takes a village to raise me and I am grateful for the help along the way. I know someones prayers got me here.

  2. Donna Sutton says

    This happened to me the other day. I went to town after watching the weather and schools started on time. It was freezing cold. I went to the grocery by the time I left the parking lot and road was full of wet freezing snow. I do not drive during bad weather. So as I left the store I prayed all the way home please let me and my grandchildren get home safely. I drove 30 mph. and made sure i could stop when I reached the stop sign and the turn. Well trying to take the turn my car started sliding into the oncoming traffic. I just missed hitting a car by less than an inch, and hit the guard rail. But all the traffic around me was able to stop far enough back that I was able to back my car up and continue up the mountain at 25mph I reached home safely with only a busted headlight. So I have thought about this God did get me home safely but not before I got the s scared out of me. So was I just not clear in what I was asking for?

    • Donna, sometimes s happens. I’m glad you got home safe, even if you left some s behind.

      I believe everything happens for a reason and there are no accidents. You never know how that small ‘accident’ may have kept you or someone else from a larger ‘accident’. Or how it may have rippled to someone else’s experience.

      And who knows? You may have needed a good s 🙂

  3. Vivian Miller says

    I would love to keep my entire attention on God all day, but the world does enter and we judge. If I could place my attention more on God and be in the world and that is it.

    That will be my focus today to see God in every experience. Be interesting to see how that goes.
    Here I go.

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