Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 2

Today’s principle/statement is the second principle listed in the 40 day prosperity plan about awareness, understanding and knowledge of the Divine Presence as our Source and Supply.

In fairness to, and respect for, John Randolph Price, we don’t want to list the principles here on the site. We want you to buy the book. It’s well worth the price.

We also encourage you to send a tithe to John Randolph Price if these principles are feeding you. We tithed to him because he fed us immensely during the study of his little book and the HUGE principles he provided which we internalized during this study.

Today’s principle helped us to understand the process of awareness, understanding, and knowing and how they are related. We equate it to electricity in that we first became aware of electricity. Then we understood electricity and it’s properties.

Once we understood, we then KNEW that we could trust the properties to always work. It then became a part of our subconscious so that we don’t even think about it when we flip the switch. We just expect the light to come on, without question. When it doesn’t, we know that we have a problem. The electricity is not the problem – it’s still working, but our attempts to harness the power has failed in some way.

It’s the same with the prosperity principles and God. They never fail. But, sometimes our attempt at harnessing the power fails. First, we must become aware of the activity of God, then, we must understand the activity and power, then, we must know and trust it well enough to harness it to be used for our own good. Once we understand the Spiritual Principles and Laws, we can become masters at using those principles until it becomes second nature.

Today’s video was a lot of fun. We hope it inspires you a bit today as you become aware, understand and know the power of God’s love and energy in and around your life. Please share your insights and wisdom below in the comment section. You are feeding us in this Friend-zy!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    I lift of my mind and heart because they are intensely connected to each other. The enactment tool is my heart. When my heart enters the picture, its full speed ahead. I think I become aware of a lot of things, but understanding takes longer and then the knowing is automatic, almost.

    Divine presence I AM is something I am still trying to understand. I think my judgments of myself interfere with my concept of divineness. I will do work on that. Now that I think of it, any mistakes I have made do not take away from the Divine I AM.

    Gonna put pen to journal and see what I come up with on this one.

    • You really gave me something to think about here Vivian. I don’t think I have ever considered the mind and heart to be together. I will work on seeing them more as a unit rather than one dragging the other along. Thank you!

  2. I keep visualizing the Frogger video game, and that there is this endless bountiful stepping stones in the river of life that I have to figure out how to “jump on” or access. Yesterday’s meditation really unlocked a door for me, and his entire book is amazing, but today was the beginning of hope that someday I will get out of I AM’s way and allow the abundance to flow into my life, and not around me.

    Thanks for doing this, and for being such comfortable-to-be-with facilitators!

    • There was a Radio Free Babylon FB post this morning of the cartoon “Coffee with Jesus” where Ann talks about wanting to feel the presence of Jesus, and Jesus replies that she still keeps her devotional dates with God and that is a good thing. She whines a bit that she wants to “feel” his presence, to “know” he is there. Jesus responds “The knowing is in the trusting.” I loved it and it made me think of this Day Two video. The act of trusting, the devotion is the access to the knowing. That Knowing switched on for me with Day One, in a whole new way. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the course brings forth.

    • Thanks for the wonderful images Sharon. I am so glad that you are willing to open doors and allow Spirit to speak to you. You are exactly where you should be. I challenge you to begin a Happy List. I have one myself and through the process I found it opened my eyes to the wondrous prosperity that is already present in my life. Before bed, I list at least 10 things that made me happy during the day. It opens my eyes and keeps them open to the blessings that I have already manifested and reminds me of the wonderful things that are in store for me tomorrow!

  3. One thing that I was reminded of with today’s discussion was of how I view love— I think of love as a boundless, unlimited or limitless energy. You can never run out, there is always more it can only expand. I never believe or consider that there is not enough love. I am aware of this, understand and know it. And God is the Source and Substance of this love. It seems like a parallel I can use to help me with my limited beliefs regarding abundance……just some thoughts! Thank you!

    • Ooh, that’s awesome Heather. We should think of money like that too. If we truly believe that there is more than enough to go around, we quit trying to hoard it. I try to think of money like I do air. I don’t use more than I need. Even though I can’t live without it, I can’t store it up for a rainy day. It’s always there when I need it. I don’t even think about the next breath, I just trust that it will be there. It’s only when I start worrying about whether it’s there or not that I start feeling shortness of breath. Thanks Heather for sharing the love 🙂 It really puts things in perspective!

  4. Vivian Miller says

    Thank you for responding. I have been “shut in” due to Ohio weather and wanting to stay off the accident-ridden roads. The constant exposure to my mom is a trying experience. She has Alzheimers (early) and her negativity is so pervasive so I have to do extra effort to not allow my thoughts to be saturated by her comments (which actually are the same as before Alz.).

    I needed an outlet. Also my Unity church disbanded in O ctober so that support is gone. Thank you for your willingness to share this program. I am on the upsweep. I will prevail.

    We have a Unity study group which I facilitate so I do have spiritual support and am being proactive.

    • So glad that you decided to join us Vivian. We needed the feeding as well! We are 1 1/2 hours away from the nearest Unity church and leading the small group here, while satisfying, wasn’t feeding me in return. Cindy has been bugging me for a couple of years to do this and I finally caved. Lol. (For the reasons why, see video #7.)

      I understand how difficult it is to be a caregiver, even though Alzheimers was not a part of the mix. Cindy and I cared for her Mom 24/7 the last few weeks of her life. I’m glad you recognize your need for an outlet. I’m sure your Mom will benefit from what you learn and have to teach as well.

      Leading a small group will help but you need feeding as well. (I learned that the hard way!) I chose to play a DVD of another Unity church some Sundays and then discuss when I needed a break. Let me know if you would like some of them. I have A LOT of them and I would be glad to mail them to you to listen to. They are audio only but they fed me.

  5. I agree with you Vivian. It is difficult to imagine that a pie gets bigger when we take from it rather than smaller. We have all been taught that when you take a bigger piece of the pie, there is less for everyone else. That is still being taught today. We were taught to believe in lack.

    As Edwene Gaines says in her book, “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity”, “…prosperity is your birthright, as a child of God. I believe that it is your divine inheritance, bequeathed to you by divine right. Prosperity is the consciousness of God everywhere present.” (Here is a link to her book:

    I believe that as we open up to the knowledge that there is more than enough, we start to see the vast abundance in the Kingdom that we are all a part of now. I too, have to remind myself of the abundance despite my surroundings sometimes daily. Having conversations like these helps me tremendously!

  6. Vivian Miller says

    I never look at abundance as a pie that gets larger and provides enough for everyone. Being a child of depression era parents, there has always been negative language about money and abundance. I have a long history of wrong thought programming and am looking forward to some new ways of thinking by pursuing this couse. I thought that if I got something with prosperity attached to it, that someone else was doing without.

    I realize I am the King’s creation and there is unlimited supply and I just need to open my mind to receive my good. This takes practice, but all I have to do is be willing to do the work or exercises as I am exposed to them. Living with my mom results in some of the negative messages being repeated still so I must hit my CANCEL button and know that her reality is not mine despite appearances.

    Thoughts are things, choose wisely.

  7. I really enjoy watching these videos, they are very relaxed which I find relaxing. I love the awareness, understanding, knowing concept and relating it to electricity. One of my goals is to know abundance is available to me as easy as electricity and to truly come to know it with the same confidence. Thanks ladies <3

    • I’m so glad you have joined us Eileen! We wanted everyone to feel as if they were there and a part of the conversation so we chose to do them ‘just as we are’. I’m glad the relaxed nature doesn’t distract from the conversation! You share our goal which is to make the knowledge of the Abundance of the Universe as 2nd nature as our use of electricity. I also find it easier to practice a concept if I can look at it in a different way. Thanks for your input and comments!

  8. I love this statement. This one continues to have profound depth for me! I AM source & substance! When, Lizabeth asked the question “do you know this?” I realize I still am in practice mode, it’s taking a lot of energy & effort on my part to pull out of the old paradigms of work, money as supply. I have to remind myself daily that God is the Source & Substance of supply, that I AM is the Source & Substance of supply. Interestly enough, God/IAM has never not come through for.. It’s always brought supply & substance!

    • I have to ask myself “Do I know this?” A LOT! It has become my way of gauging how much work I still have to do. If I can answer ‘yes’, I know that it is closer to the subconscious. One yes however doesn’t mean “I’ve got it” or that the work is done. Only when I can answer ‘yes’ every time do I consider it finished. I still have to ask!

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