Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 16

This is the statement I have the most problem with. I just can’t seem to wrap my head around this one. Lizabeth is really trying to get this one through my thick skull, but I’m just not there yet.

We talk about how we should have no unfulfilled desires or needs since our inner supply takes on form and experience instantly and constantly. Where do you stand on this statement? Do you ‘get it’? Am I the only one who just can’t seem to grasp this one? I want to ‘get it’, I really do. I am determined to let this one sink in so I will finally get it. I WILL get there!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    to me, unfulfilled means its not visible in a form I can see. I don’t remember hearing Lisabeth’s 100th monkey reference before. I think that is graphic enough for even me to see it. There are so many levels from the conception stage until birth and the vision of the result. I think unfulfilled desires are much like that. I agree the answer formulated the question.

    From my perspective, the ego if allowed to go unchecked will even distort what is so obvious in front of us. What I can do is relinquish my need to have “it” appear in a form that satisfies me. I can give up my need to have it a certain way. I ask to be shown what I cannot understand. Perhaps God’s answer is this: its God’s business and not for you to understand.

    When I believe it, I’ll see it. Good work ladies.

    • You got it Lady. You are spot on. It took our friend, CC pointing the way before I could truly grasp this concept and then begin to work with it. I am watching the wonderful works of the Universe and I am so grateful for this work. It is moving mountains in my life and it sounds like, yours too.

      Thank you God!

  2. Vivian Miller says

    I want to thank Cindy for her honesty in struggling with this principle. This one is a little annoying and subject to much discussion and debate. I have to call upon my 20+ years with The Course in Miracles and the idea that I have given everything the meaning that it has. I know my thinking sometime can be a little rigid and perhaps subconsciously I want to be right. I need an injection of trust or a mental eraser to eliminate the memories I have of broken promises. I know if I keep my focus on the present and being here now that will dillute some of the “stuff”.

    I am still a work in progress. Nothing can be changed until it is first acknowledged and I consider this a declaration that I need to work on trust.

    I do applaude my honesty out here in this public forum.

    • I applaud your honesty too Vivian! This is just a hard one for me. Always has been. I’m trying. And I think I ‘get’ what the author intended. I just can’t completely buy into it yet. If the wording were a little different I could buy into it more. I’ll get there. Eventually. I just have trouble believing in ‘instant’ manifestation on this earth. I guess that’s why I don’t see it yet, because I don’t believe it. I’ll get there. I’m still practicing.

      • I had trouble with the ‘instantly’ part of this also until I wondered if this is referring to thoughts? Our needs and desires come to us as thoughts first. It says, “My inner supply instantly and constantly takes of form and experience according to my needs and desires.” We immediately, and usually constantly, think of our needs and desires. Thought is about as instant to ‘having’ the form and experience, even if in the imagination. Abraham (Abraham-Hicks) says the minute you send out a rocket of desire, Source immediately becomes it, (“The Principle of Supply in action”). However because of limiting and lack beliefs, we don’t line up with it. When we begin to release more resistance, our manifestations come to us faster and we begin to understand better our creative power.
        Anyway, that’s was my best understanding of this.

  3. Vivian Miller says

    Because of my trust issues, this principle of fulfilled needs and desires is a bit of a stretch. I am not willing to start over because I have not fully embraced this concept. At this time I feel I need to “act as if” because that is just where I am. I say this not with a smart alecky attitude, but with loving patience toward Vivian to accept where she is while continuing to work toward where I want to be.

    All this stuff is trust related. Obviously, there is work to be done on this trust stuff. I realize I can start with baby steps and suspicion.

    Imagination, I have always been good at so I will start out with suspicioning that I can imagine, focus and my need will be fulfilled. I don’t think God measures the degree of willingness. I think I only have to be willing to be willing and it will be shown to me.

    Hope this doesn’t mean I need to go back to therapy!!!

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