Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 15

Today we talk about what our Source is not. It’s not money, people, places or conditions. Only God is our Source. We discuss money, service and passion as they pertain to our prosperity.

Today’s video was a little long, so we decided to break it up into two videos.

In the first video, we talk about serving for the joy of serving and how we should live by our passions, not our desire for money. Our desire is not really for the money, it’s for the things money can buy. We feel that we have gotten ourselves (as a society) into a pickle because everything tends to revolve around money.

We also talk about how we place labels on our time and money and about the even exchange of energy that must exist in any transaction.

We have started working (serving) for the joy of serving and we can always count on an even exchange of energy. If not from that person or place, from somewhere else. Letting go of fear around money is easier when we let go of what it has to look like when it comes back around. We trust our Guidance to help us choose the projects which we take on and invest our energy. God CAN DO ANYTHING when we get out of the way and allow Him to do it.

The second video talks about our unlimited consciousness. We switch out the capitalized words for the words ‘God’ and ‘Energy’ again, which helps us gain more clarity. Switching these out caused me (Cindy) to have an ‘aha’ moment about the limits we put on our consciousness which led to a pretty good discussion about God, consciousness, energy and limits. I say things a little backwards in my explanation of my aha, but hopefully, you’ll get what I mean. There is a difference between limits meaning it runs out or dries up and limits meaning putting borders around it or putting it in a box. How do you see putting limits on your consciousness OR taking those limits off?

As I tried to cut some things out of the video to make it short enough for Youtube, I couldn’t find anything that I was nudged to ‘let go’. It all seemed like good, helpful discussion. We felt Spirit wanted us to leave it all in. We feel all the discussion contributes to living a prosperous life.

Please share these videos with your friends so they can share in the discussion with us and help us all learn too. Also, leave your views and perspectives in the comments below so we can learn from you. YOU are our teachers, so please contribute your feedback. Your thoughts MATTER to all of us!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    This principle has been a problem because I was raised with the idea that “a certain amount of money will make us happy.” A departure from little “r” reality is necessary. I have to do work on this one. When I tap into my reservoir and put a chunk of money in my checking accountk, I feel better.
    When the balance gets low, I get nervous. I would love to be healed from this shaky platform.

    Paid my tuition today and that felt good, but the feel good spot is connected to money. I’ve got to work on this one. Maybe my third go round will help me to get clarity. I do like Lizabeth’s analogy about the commercial. To remember that money is form and there are many prosperous demonstrations. My tuition was $200 less than I thought it would be. That’s just one example. It doesn’t always have to be monetary. Still working on this one.

    • I was raised that money would/could buy happiness. I found out at 18 when I left that money didn’t buy my happiness. I was so poor I had trouble feeding myself and I walked to and from work for 6 months but it was by far one of the happiest times of my life. I “bought” my freedom.

      I have a harder time treating myself lavishly. I am ready to treat everyone else that way but I would walk around with holes in my shoes before I broke down and bought something for me. I am still working on this one. 🙂

  2. Vivian Miller says

    Money has been my supply for a lifetime so to reverse that thinking is going to take some consistent practice. No person, situation or condition is my supply. I always thought my employer was my supply.
    My God-self (my new partner) is thinking about that one and smiling. I so want to get this, but my doubts are blocking my acceptance. I think this is because I am placing time limits on trust. I just need to let it unfold the way it needs to.

    The idea that solutions always materialized is evidence of my banquet table. There is a God and it ain’t me. Just trust is all I need to do. Whatever the device I use to measure needs to be discarded and I just take baby steps on forward.

    I can do this trust thang!

    • It was the same for me Vivian. Before I let go of the paycheck, I gave God time limits. He was on a short leash with me! I usually could only last for one 2 week cycle. After I missed one paycheck I demanded to see “proof” that He had this. It took me a while to move out of the way enough to trust that it all comes from the Source anyway and it doesn’t have to look like a regular paycheck. There are many avenues and outlets that it come to me now. Not because I am ‘more’ blessed but because I got out of the way and allowed it. Yep, it’s a trust thang.

  3. Carmie Sanchez says

    I have been working with the idea of financial supply for some time. It seems when I write the things I want to manifest in my life down and do not tye it to where the money will come from more often than not those things manifest at a rapid pace. When I worry about how I will pay for something first, I never even write it down or if I do it remains on the goal list. For me this is staying in the how, I have to remind myself that the how is none of my business. Good stuff ladies!

    • Staying out of the HOW is a big challenge for me! It has been my experience that when I announce to someone a new intention, usually one of the first questions is, “How are you gonna do that?” I have been guilty of asking the same question! (usually to my kids) I choose to be easy with myself and affirm that now that I know better, I am doing better. Now I usually respond with, “Good! Go get it!”

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