Forty Day Prosperity Plan Day 14

Today we talk about how we draw into our thinking and feeling nature the very substance of God. We use several analogies that help us to understand just how this works for us.

We must have an open mind to hear these Truths. We must get out of the way and allow God to move to see results. We must ACT on the ideas and desires we are given to create the wonderful things we are capable of creating. With God, all things are possible.

It only takes one million dollar idea to bring in a million dollars. We get those ideas every day, but we must act on those ideas and nudges. We must get out of the victim role and take charge!

God’s got this!

Please share with us your wisdom and insights below. We want to hear from you! Are these statements helping you be more prosperous? Please share your stories, both good and bad, with us. We want to learn from you AND support you!

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  1. Vivian Miller says

    Great video today. I learn so much from you guys and sometimes from myself. I feel good about what we’re doing and know that change comes with perseverance.

    I am still working on my trust and it is getting stronger and stronger. I feel good about me and God and what he/she has shown me in these weeks we have been together. I am so grateful and I continue to write my gratitudes every day and it has made all the difference.

    • You sometimes say things that make me want to go watch the video again, like today. I wonder, “What in the world can she be getting from just watching us?” I know that the interchange that takes place here has really opened up some paths for new discoveries for me and I am so grateful.

  2. Vivian Miller says

    Had some challenges today or…..perceived challenges with my time frame and school study schedule this week. My mom needed some maintenance on her car which was not on my radar to deal with. I know she can make your life so uncomfortable when something needs fixed. I put my big girl panties on and figured a solution. All the angels lined up and worked the situation out for me today. Her car is done, only $38, I am home reading and later studying and it all worked out. I am saying all this to day when I tapped into my God-self to resolve what I perceived as a problem, I got an answer and it worked out.

    I am shaky on “trusting”, but for every situation I found myself in this new year I have found that Spirit, God-self, Lavish Abundance or whatever moniker you choose to use was there and pointed the way.

    I will continue to work my trust muscles and see where it takes me as I work this 40-day program.

    My head says the sky is the limit, but my heart isn’t convinced. More work to be done.

    • I am shaky on trust too! I am learning, moment-to-moment. I can say that I have made improvements in the on how quickly I turn around though! I am still led by ego to the fear but I am able now to silence that more quickly and look past the little “r”eality and see the big “R”eality or at least the next step to the path. The heart is slower to hear the intellect because it speaks with its own language. That’s ok. I figure God speaks both. I’ll let Spirit handle it. 🙂
      Great thoughts!

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